APPLE Corps Service-Learning

APPLE Corps Service-Learning

16 Strong Project*
About us: 16 Strong is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering resilience to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) through student-led initiatives, educational workshops, school partnerships, and community outreach. 16 Strong strives to continue conversations that help young people recognize and navigate the challenges they are facing as a result of ACEs. 
Modality: Remote

  • Deliver messaging to peers and community leaders
  • Research related topics
  • Support development of presentations and resources
Skills developed in this role: youth work, outreach, social media and press
*Only available to AFR 243 students


Brooklyn Justice Initiatives
About us: Brooklyn Justice Initiatives seeks to improve how the centralized criminal court in Brooklyn responds to misdemeanor and felony cases.
Modality: In-person

  • Facilitate activities
  • Provide tutoring and assist clients with resumes
  • Work on client intake
Ideal candidate must be comfortable speaking to a diverse group of clients.
Skills developed in this role: public speaking, activity facilitation


Center for Court Innovation: Parent Support Program
About us: The Parent Support Program (PSP) serves Noncustodial Parents to aid them find employment, increase child support and engage with their children.
Modality: Hybrid

  • Support clients
  • Complete research
Ideal candidate: This program is citywide, students must be able to complete their shifts either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between the hours of 9am-4pm.
Skills developed in this role: public speaking, writing, research, outreach


Community Food Advocates*
About us: Community Food Advocates is a non-profit organization with the mission to ensure all New Yorkers have access to healthy, affordable, culturally appropriate foods through equity-centered, high-impact public policy.Youth Food Advocates (YFA) program is a youth-led group for young people who want to learn about social justice, public policy and advocacy, and are ready to create systemic change in New York City food systems, with a focus on school food.
Modality: Mostly remote, some in-person

  • Support Youth Food Advocates program alongside the Director of Youth Leadership
  • Co-facilitation of weekly (virtual) meetings
  • Individual assistance to youth with Virtual Office Hours ("after school")
  • Social media support
  • Growing partnerships with other youth-led organizations.
Ideal candidate must be available Thursday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:30pm for pre-session check-in and assistance with weekly YFA meeting moderation. The rest of the time is flexible, but we have a 4-day work week, Monday to Thursday hours only.
Skills developed in this role: public speaking, youth work, facilitating, social media
*Only available to AFR 243 students


Exodus Transitional Community, Inc.
About us: With a firm belief in human resilience, Exodus Transitional Community delivers innovative programming tailored to adults and youth affected by the justice system, and advocates for a society in which all can achieve social, economic, and spiritual well–being. Our services include youth empowerment and diversion, prison and jail-based CBT groups, substance use disorder treatment, policy and advocacy, and reentry services for people returning home from incarceration.
Modality: In-person

  • Support client engagement
  • Facilitate activities
  • Provide administrative support
Skills developed in this role: youth work, outreach, public speaking, documenting and organizing data


Families First Initiative: Center for Court Innovation
About us: The Families First Court Initiative is a Pilot program in Dutchess County Family Court, through the Center for Court Innovation. This project seeks to provide youth ages 12-18 with the support and interventions needed to remain home or in home-based care and reduce the reliance on congregate care. 
Modality: Remote

  • Research adolescent mentorship programs
  • Create presentation of most effective mentorship programs
Skills developed in this role: writing, research documenting and organizing data


Fortune Society
About us: The Fortune Society’s mission is to support successful reentry from incarceration and promote alternatives to incarceration, thus strengthening the fabric of our communities. 
Modality: In-person

  • Data entry and filing physical and electronic documents
  • Taking accurate notes efficiently
  • Making and documenting retention call
Ideal candidate must have an interest and appreciation for the challenges faced by people who have criminal justice involvement, including collateral consequences that last well beyond time spent in prison or jail. Must also be available to complete hours between 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.
Skills developed in this role: client outreach, data entry and documentation


Hour Children
About us: Our mission is to help incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and their children successfully rejoin the community, reunify with their families, and build healthy, independent, and secure lives. The Food Pantry at Hour Children delivers bags of food to the Long Island City and Astoria Community three times per week. 
Modality: In-person

  • Pack and distribute food
  • Serve meals
  • Receive deliveries
Ideal candidate must have availability to complete shifts during the hours of Monday-Thursday 9am-2pm.
Skills developed in this role: reception and client intake, public speaking, outreach


LOHM - Hope House
About us: Our mission is to empower women and girls to create sustainable lives post-incarceration. We drive change in the social justice movement by connecting them to housing, food, healthcare, living wage employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities, education, and advocacy that amplifies the voices of those who have been impacted by the criminal legal system.
Modality: In-person

  • Support outreach to program participants
  • Complete research
  • Compile information for programs
Skills developed in this role: writing, research, outreach, documenting and organizing data


Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence
Staten Island Family Justice Center

About us: The Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence (ENDGBV) develops policies and programs, provides training and prevention education, conducts research and evaluations, performs community outreach and operates the NYC Family Justice Centers. These comprehensive service centers provide vital social service, civil legal and criminal justice assistance under one roof to survivors of domestic and gender-based violence. 
Modality: In-person

  • Support client intake
  • Facilitate workshops
  • Complete outreach
Ideal candidate: This role requires students to be able to complete their shift Monday-Friday during the hours of 9am-5pm.
Skills developed in this role: public speaking, client intake, documenting and organizing data


Queens Community Justice Center
About us: Queens Community Justice Center ( QCJC) provides case management , leadership training, and a range of youth development for justice-involved young people and their families in Queens, as well as young people who have not had contact with the justice system. The Queens Community Justice Center is a community based organization that believes that employment changes lives.  
Modality: In-person

  • Assist the Job Developer in assessing the client's employment readiness level
  • Assist in identifying organizations with employment opportunities
  • Reach out to clients to remind and confirm if they are attending programming
Skills developed in this role: research, outreach, youthwork, facilitation, documenting and organizing data


Rikers Public Memory Project
About us: The Rikers Public Memory Project: A Community Truth and Healing Process is a community-based, participatory initiative through which our collective stories about the impact of Rikers are activated to envision a more just NYC. The primary aims of this project are to document the experiences of those who have been directly impacted by Rikers Island, offer directly impacted people a space for healing and solidarity, and educate other New Yorkers about Rikers and its impact.
Modality: Remote

  • One student will collaborate with RPMP Project Director to build out requirements for digital preservation repositories and storage infrastructure for the Rikers Public Memory Project Oral History archive, supporting both the transfer and preservation of the Rikers Public Memory Project archive
  • The second student will support the RPMP Program Coordinator in organizing collection days in partnerships with organizations throughout the city. Complete research and outreach to potential community partners to host collection days
Ideal candidate possesses a strong interest in oral history and public memory work and a desire to learn strategies for employing public memory strategies for addressing the impact of mass incarceration. 
Skills developed in this role: developing and/or facilitating activities


Staten Island Justice Center: Transformative Reentry Initiative
About us: The Staten Island Justice Center’s Transformative Reentry Initiatives (TRI) works collaboratively with community partners, individuals, and families to support individuals impacted by incarceration and the justice system. SIJC utilizes an approach that is culturally responsive and is centered on the principles of equitable access, participation, and leadership. The goal is to facilitate access to resources and opportunities that empowers individuals, families, and communities to actualize and sustain successful reintegration into society.
Modality: In-person

  • Complete outreach
  • Assist with client intake
  • Support workshops and community outreach events
  • Provide resume writing assistance for clients
Skills developed in this role: client reception and intake, documenting and organizing data, developing and facilitating activities


Teens for Food Justice*
About us: Teens for Food Justice is catalyzing a youth-led movement to end food insecurity in one generation through high-capacity, school-based hydroponic farming. TFFJ's APPLE Corps interns will gain hands-on experience across the organization in multiple ways, including but not limited to farm maintenance and operations, curriculum development support, afterschool activities, food justice advocacy and engagement events, and brand strategy and communications.
Modality: In-person

  • Assist TFFJ farmer educators in preparing for weekly afterschool sessions
  • Set up the activities and materials needed for each session
  • Lead activities and discussions and support students

Ideal candidate: Students must be available to complete their shifts between the hours of 2pm-6pm M-Th. Program sites are located in Brooklyn and Far Rockaway.
Skills developed in this role: public speaking, youthwork, outreach, developing and facilitating activities
*Only available to AFR 243 students

Teens for Press Freedom*
About us: Teens for Press Freedom is a nationwide youth-led advocacy campaign for press freedom and media literacy. 

  • Facilitate digital educational workshops
  • Edit student journalism
  • Organize in-person events
Skills developed in this role: public speaking, writing, research, developing and facilitating activities
*Only available to AFR 243 students


The United Jewish Council of the East Side (UJCES)
About us: UJCES is a non-profit organization supporting the Lower East Side and wider NYC community through human services and community development programs.
Modality: In-person

  • NORC Program Greeter Volunteers assist at a NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community) program.
  • NORC Volunteers proactively greet visitors at a community center, provide information about programs and services, assist with sign-in and registration for programs, and answer visitor questions.
  • Food Pantry Assistance Volunteers support the team with two food pantries, both on-site and occasionally on local walking deliveries to clients.
  • Food Pantry Assistance Volunteers help organize, pack, deliver, and hand out food pantry orders.
Ideal candidate must be comfortable interacting with people of all ages and have strong organizational skills.
Skills developed in this role: client outreach, public speaking, food pantry organization