Application Deadlines

Application Deadlines

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Fall 2020 Application Deadlines

Program Early Decision Deadline Final Deadline
Criminal Justice (MA/ Online & On-campus)  May 1 May 15
Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity (MS)    June 1
Economics (MA)   June 15
Human Rights (MA/Online & On-campus)   June 15
Forensic Mental Health Counseling (MA) May 1

May 15

Forensic Psychology (MA)  May 1 May 15
Forensic Psych & Law (MA/JD w/CUNY Law School May 1 May 15
Forensic Psych & Law (MA/JD w/ New York Law School May 1 May 15
Forensic Science March 1 May 15
Emergency Management (MS/ Online)*    June 1
International Crime & Justice (MA/Online & On-campus)   May 1
Public Administration: Public Policy & Admin (MPA/ Online & On-campus)   June 15

Public Administration: Inspection & Oversight (MPA/ Online & On- Campus)

Public Accountability & Law (MPA & Law w/CUNY Law School, MPA/JD)


June 15


June 15                            

Protection Management (MA)    June 15
Security Management (MS/Online)*    June 15
Joint Protection Management & Public Administration (MS/MPA)   June 15
Applied Digital Forensic Science    June 1
Computer Science & Digital Forensics    June 1
Criminal Investigation (Online & On-campus) May 1 May 15
Crime Prevention & Analysis  May 1 May 15
Emergency Management    June 15
Health Care Inspection & Oversight (Online)*   June 15
Post Graduate Certificate in Forensic Psychology May 1 May 15
Race & Criminal Justice  May 1 May 15
Terrorism (Online & On-campus) May 1 May 15
Transnational Organized Crime Studies (Online & On-campus)   

May 1

Victimology Studies May 1 May 15

*Program is Online Only

Students can submit their application as soon as they have completed all sections of the online application. The names of recommenders and the personal statement are required for submission of the application for all programs that require these documents.

  • All official transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendations must be sent directly to the Graduate Admissions Office and must arrive by the early decision deadline if students want early admissions or the final deadline.
  • CUNY students from 2004 to present do not need to provide CUNY transcripts.
  • **International students should apply no later than May 1 to ensure timely processing of admissions and student visa paperwork processing. International students can continue to apply after this date until the final application deadline noted above and will be processed if time allows.
  • Students who submit all required documents by early decision dates will be able to start their graduate program in the Summer if they have graduated from their Bachelor degree program.

*Contact Graduate Admissions to inquire about deadline extensions