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Art Minor

Art Minor

Art Minor

Description. The Art minor provides students with the opportunity to integrate art with other academic and research pursuits. It is designed for students to pursue studies in both studio art and art history with an integrated, mixed media approach. Students selecting the minor in Art are not necessarily pursuing careers as practicing professional artists and art historians. They are seeking a unique program of study where the visual arts provide opportunities to problem-solve creatively and efficiently.

Rationale. The program combined with other areas of study fosters an appreciation and understanding of the disciplines of art and design and their applications to one's self and environment.

Minor coordinator. Professor Cyriaco Lopes-Pereira, Department of Art and Music (646.557.4823,

Requirements. Students are required to take at least 18 credits (six courses) distributed evenly between studio art and art history courses. A maximum of two courses can overlap with a student's major, other minors or programs. 

PART ONE. STUDIO ART COURSES                             Subtotal: 9 credits

Select three

ART 110 Ceramics I
ART 111 Introduction to Drawing: The Language of Line
ART 112 Design Foundations 
ART 113 Digital Photography I
ART 115 Introduction to Sculpture
ART 118 Introduction to Painting
ART 125 Graphic Design
ART 212 Life Drawing
ART 213 Digital Photography II
ART 219 Museum and Curatorial Studies
ART 241 Forensic Drawing
ART 280 Selected Topics in Art
ART 280: When topic is appropriate to Studio Arts.

PART TWO. ART HISTORY COURSES                           Subtotal: 9 credits

Select three

ART 101 Introduction to Art
ART 102 American Art
ART 103 Art of the Italian Renaissance
ART 104 Non-Western Art and Visual Culture
ART 105 Modern Art
ART 106 Latin American Art
ART 108 Introduction to World Art I
ART 109 Introduction to World Art II
ART 201 Art in New York
ART 222 Body Politics and Art in Global & Historical Perspective
ART 224 African-American Women in Art
ART 227 Haitian Art & Culture
ART 230 Issues in Art and Crime 
ART 232 African American Art: A Visual & Cultural History
ART 250 The Art of Sub-Saharan Africa
ART 280 Selected Topics in Art
ART 301 Problems in Modern Art
ART 318 Social Activism in the Visual Arts 
ART 389 Independent Study 300-level
ART 280: When topic is appropriate to Art History.

Total: 18 credits
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