Become a Tutor

Become a Tutor

Become a Language Tutor at the Modern Language Center (MLC)


As a tutor you will help students build the skills they need to master thir course content and their learning process, which includes both their cognitive and metacognitive processes.

  • You act as a coach to help students map out their learning goals, place greater value on their learning, and improve their motivation as they progress toward successful outcomes.
  • This also helps you, as the tutor, refine your own skills and build new ones through semesterly trainings, engagement in best tutoring practices, and other professional devleopment opportunities through out the semester.


If this sounds interesting, please review the brochure provided in the link below. It has more information about becoming a tutor at the MLC.
Become a Tutor Brochure!!!!


Ready to apply? If the informoation above and in the brochure sounds interesting and you want to a part of a team who support student success, please complete the google form in the link below. 

Submit an application

All required documents to apply:

  • MLC Tutor Application
  • Resume w/ minimum two references
  • At least one Recommendation Letter (academic or professional)
  • Transcript(s) of all language coursework, if applicable. (unofficial copies are fine)
  • Complete the MLC Placement Exam


Process after submitting materials:

All submitted materials will be reviewed prior to contacting you. If qualified, you will receive an email to schedule a formal interview and to schedule a date to complete the placement exam, if you haven't done so already. Hiring procedures are subject to funding, resources, and center support needs. Interviews will typically take place prior to a new semester starting, however this is subject to change based on the center's needs and language support. Please note: to apply for the fall, your application must be completed before August. To apply for the spring, your application must be completed by the end of the fall semester.



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Updated Fall 2022