Along with publishing in their discipline's top journals, faculty at John Jay write dozens of influential books every year. The Office for the Advancement of Research offers support for faculty authors through our Book Publication fund.

Here is the most recent list of published books by our John Jay faculty in 2015.

Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs) and the Quest for Accounting, George Andreopoulos & John Kleinig (Eds)

Decoding Albanian Organized Crime: Culture, Politics and Globalization, Jana Arsovska

The Pain Within My Soul: Short Stories about Crime and Life, Irina Zakirova


Listening to Jazz, Benjamin Bierman


The Trouble He Brews, Michael Blitz


Youth Street Gangs: A Critical Appraisal, David Brotherton


Tourist Trap (Or: How I Paid My Way Through Grad School), Christopher Campanioni


Jorge Luis Borges, Post-Analytic Philosophy and Representation, Silvia Dapia


Cyber War: Law and Ethics for Virtual Conflicts, Kevin Govern


Crime Victims: An Introduction to Victimology, 9th ed., Andrew Karmen


Ethnic Profiling: A Modern Framework, Kimora (ed)


Measuring Police Integrity Across the World, Sanja Kutnjak Ivkovic & Haberfeld


Forensic Biology, 2nd ed., Richard Li


Tales, Tunes, and Tassa Drums: Retention and Invention in Indo-Caribbean Music, Peter Manuel


The Annotated Little Women, John Matteson


Security Operations Management, 3rd Ed., Robert McCrie


Transcending Capitalism Through Cooperative Practices, Catherine Mulder


The Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinos in the United States, Suzanne Oboler & Deena J. Gonzalez (eds)


Neoliberal Rhetorics and Body Politics: Plastinate Exhibits as Infiltration, Tara Pauliny


Public Administration Evolving: From Foundation to the Future, Marilyn Rubin & Mary E. Guy (eds)


Confidential Informants: A Close Look at Police Policy, Jon Shane


Multidisciplinary Investigation of Child Maltreatment, Lauren Shapiro & Marie Helen-Maras


Legacies of State Violence and Transitional Justice in Latin America, Nina Schneider & Marcia Esparza


Contextualizing Human Memory, Charles Stone & Lucas Bietti (eds)


When Young People Break the Law: Debating Issues on Punishment for Juveniles, Karrsten Struhl & Kimora (eds)


Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Annual: Global Perspectives, 2nd ed. Lawrence Sullivan (Ed)


Organized Crime: Analyzing Illegal Activities, Criminal Structures, and Extra-legal Governance, Klaus von Lampe


The Relativity of Wrongdoing: Corruption, Organised Crime, Fraud and Money Laundering in Perspective, Georgios A. Antonopoulos, Jackie Harvey, Almir Maljevic, Petrus C. van Duyne, & Klaus von Lampe (eds)



Corporate Social Responsibility? Human Rights in the New Global Economy, Charlotte Walker-Said & John D. Kelly (Eds)




Here is the most recent list of published books by our John Jay faculty in 2014-15.