Campus-Wide Assessment Committee

Campus-Wide Assessment Committee

John Jay has an Assessment Committee with college-wide responsibilities. Having a single group with oversight and reporting responsibilities allows for the most efficient sharing of information, plans, and best practices, and in general promotes greater campus awareness about the benefits of systematic assessment.

The Campus-Wide Assessment Committee coordinates assessment efforts for both student learning and institutional effectiveness, broadly understood. The Committee works closely with the Director of Outcomes Assessment, who serves ex officio. The committee:

  • Proposes to the Strategic Planning Subcommittee of the College Budget and Planning Committee-for its approval-a set of comprehensive assessment guidelines and, with support from the Office of the Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, facilitates their implementation.
  • Receives assessment plans and reports from academic departments and other units of the College in order to make recommendations about them and to identify best practices for the College.
  • Proposes to the Strategic Planning Subcommittee-for its approval-broad policy recommendations on the conduct and uses of assessment.
  • With the assistance of the Director of Outcomes Assessment, maintains a log of campus-wide assessment activities, especially those actions taken in direct response to assessment findings (i.e. activity that “closes the loop”).
  • Promotes assessment activities and a “culture of assessment” across the campus through dissemination of information and best practices. 
  • At the end of each academic year, prepares an annual report on significant, ongoing assessment activities, with recommendations for the next year; the report shall be submitted to the Strategic Planning Subcommittee and to all units of the College, including the College Council.
  • In collaboration with the Director of the Teaching and Learning Center, recommends faculty development programs on the practice of assessment.
  • Guides the development of the campus assessment website with the support of the Office of the Associate Provost of Institutional Effectiveness.


The membership of the Committee is constituted as follows:
  • Seven faculty members, nominated by the Faculty Senate, distributed among the social sciences, humanities/arts, and natural sciences/mathematics.
  • Three Higher Education Officers, nominated by the HEO Council, with no two from the same unit.
  • The College Council shall elect the members of the Committee.


The Committee Members for the 2018-2019 academic year are:
  •  Elena Beharry. Counseling Services Center
  •  Ritu Boswell, John Jay Online
  •  Kristina Hardy, Undergraduate Studies
  •  Erez Lenchner (ex officio), Institutional Effectiveness
  •  Dyanna Pooley (ex officio), Outcomes Assessment
  •  Mechthild Prinz, Sciences
  •  Jennifer Rutledge, Political Science
Annual Reports: