In order to provide a variety of catering options to the John Jay Community several local vendors have agreed to offer special catering menus.   Justino's Pizzeria and Pick-A-Bagel are the first group of vendors to participate in this program.

How it works:

1) Select items from one of the following menus:

Justino's Pizzeria

2) Complete the Catering Request Form at least 36 hours prior to the time of the event:

Catering Request Form

3) Identify the funding source

Please note, that is tax levy funds are to be used a purchase must already be in place prior to placing an order.  If tax levy funds are to be used during the academic year, it is strongly suggested that a blanket purchase order be created in advance preventing any possible delays in placing a catering order.

4) Get supervisory approval in charge of the particular funding source

5) Scan and email the order at least 36 hours prior to the event to and cc:


Please note the following:

The Business Office will forward you a copy of the invoice once it is recieved and you must return it along with t reason/agenda of the catered event, and a signed registration form of attendees.

CUNY meal policy limits $8 pp for breakfast and $15 pp for lunch