CCS Projects

CCS Projects

The Center sponsors a wide range of projects and activities that address the misuse and abuse of the Internet and modern information systems.  Center researchers examine the way criminals use new digital technologies and global information systems to commit crimes.  They also explore technical, regulatory and policy measures needed to deter computer related crime.

Center researchers also consider the subtle ways in which Internet based systems present risks to individuals and organizations.  For example, the increasing inability of individuals to control who has their personal information and how it is used has significant implications for both organizational and personal security. Center staff is investigating the impact on personal privacy of basic Internet business models that drive the collection of personal information.

The Center houses a relational database implementation of the FBI’s National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) data, one of the most comprehensive incident crime data collections available.  The Center researchers are interested in enhancing incident based crime reporting to account for the widespread change in the way crimes are carried out in an age where digital devices are omnipresent.  The Center also is using the NIBRS database to track improvements in the quality of NIBRS data and the increasing use of computers and digital devices in crimes.

Center projects and activities are helping the College upgrade its educational and research programs to address new ways in which crimes are carried out in the age of global Internet based information systems, social networks and the widespread use of digital devices.

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