Center on Terrorism

Center on Terrorism

The Friday Seminar Series at the Center on Terrorism at John Jay College 

"How Civil Society Can Help Prevent Violence and Extremism"

Ahmad Shah Mohibi (Founder/President)
Kristyn Hartwyk (Advisor) 

Rise to Peace

Friday, November 8th
Room 630, Haaren Hall on the John Jay campus (899 Tenth Ave)

Rise to Peace ( is a Washington DC-based non-profit organization focused on empowering peace, education, and tolerance to prevent terrorism and extremism around the world by engaging with local partners in affected communities, as well as those in positions who can facilitate change. Recent projects have included work on the peace process, mentoring and capacity building initiatives, and elections, all in Afghanistan. 

Rise to Peace was founded and is led by Ahmad Shah Mohibi. After a chldhood in Afghanistan shaped by the fraught geopolitical period between the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the ascendency of the Taliban, Mr. Mohibi left school at the age of 15 and pursued an opportunity to assist the United States military as a translator and later as an advisor to the US Department of State. Mr. Mohibi subsequently worked along the US Department of Defence to conduct counterterrorism field operations across Afghanistan and aid in the arrest of numerous terrorists. He later worked with the State Department. In this sphere, he acted as an advisor for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs where he assisted in the handover of detainees affiliated with numerous terrorist networks from US custody to Afghan authorities. After relocating to the United States in 2012 he earned a BA in International Affairs and Political Science from George Mason University as well as an MA in International Policy and Practice from George Washington University. He founded Rise to Peace with the vision to use research to, "inform programs and policies to help steer vulnerable people away from violent extremism and towards an education that empowers the individual, supports diversity, and builds a path of tolerance and hope." More information is available here. Kristyn Hartwyk is an international development professional and an advisor to Rise to Peace. More information is available here.


Welcome to the Center on Terrorism at John Jay College of Criminal Justice

John Jay College lost 67 students and alumni as a result of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001. The Center on Terrorism at John Jay College was founded in the wake of those attacks and remains the only university-based entity devoted to terrorism research and education in the New York City area. Center researchers have published a range of books, article, chapters and reports covering different aspects of terrorism and counter-terrorism, from an interdisciplinary and policy-relevant perspective. The Center hosts the Friday Seminar Series which brings to the John Jay campus leading researchers and practitioners active in the field. The series is linked to John Jay’s Advanced Certificate in Terrorism Studies which offers a distinctive graduate-level program of study for those seeking to enhance their credentials and better understand terrorism and counter-terrorism.

We are currently updating our website and invite you to visit again in upcoming weeks. In the meantime, we are pleased to announce the schedule for our Friday Seminar Series in Fall 2019, as follows:

  • 9/20: James J. Forest (University of Massachusetts at Lowell), "Crime-Terror Interaction in Sub-Saharan Africa";
  • 10/25: Julie Chernov Hwang (Goucher College), "Why Terrorists Quit: The Disengagement of Indonesian Jihadists";
  • 11/8: Ahmad Mohibi (Rise to Peace), "How Civil Society Can Help Prevent Violence and Extremism,” and;
  • 11/22: Ibrahim Bechrouri (French Institute for Geopolitics and John Jay College), "Malcolm X Blvd and W116th St: At the Intersection(s) of Blackness(es), Islam(s) and the NYPD's National Security Project."


All seminars will be held from 3-5pm in rm.630 of Haaren Hall on the John Jay campus (899 Tenth Ave). Our seminars are free and open to the public so please feel free to share this announcement with friend and colleagues, and to post to social media.

Best regards

Profs. Peter Romaniuk and Shuki Cohen