Crime Prevention and Control



SFGate (August 20)
Oakland Giving Ceasefire Another Try

The Wall Street Journal (August 18)
Communities Struggle to Break a Grim Cycle of Killing (August 18)
Peoria's Don't Shoot Hits the Street (August 18)
Anti-Drug Program, Successful in Other Cities, Facing Doubters in East Austin (August 17)
Homicides in Avondale this Year: Zero

Boston Public Radio (August 16)
Unorthodox Ways to Stem Crime

U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Information Programs (August 15)
Operation Ceasefire: Communities Tackling Crime (August 13)
Crime-Fighting Strategy Could Lead to a Significant Reduction in Oakland's Street Shootings

San Francisco Chronicle (August 7)
Ed Lee Drops Stop-Frisk Plan Amid Uproar (August 7)
Peoria Neighborhood Takes a Stand Against Crime

WCBU89.9 (August 7)
Peoria Residents Share Thoughts on Crime, "Don’t Shoot" Initiative

WCBU89.9 (August 7)
Peoria "Don't Shoot" Initiative Launches Today

Get The Word (August 2)
Peoria Launches "Don't Shoot" Program

Peoria (August)
Don't Shoot (July 31)
Peoria Mayor says "Don't Shoot" is Relevant

CommonWealth (July 10)
Hold Your Fire (July 7)
Want to Reduce Violence? Give Community a Stake

Huffington Post (July 5)
What is a Gang Audit?

Dylan Ratigan Show MSNBC (June 21)
How Community Can Overpower Crime (June 21)
Call It a Criminal Intervention

SarasotaPatch (June 15)
Urban Crime Prevention Program Intrigues Officials

BeyondChron (June 14)
A Winning Strategy to Stop Urban Violence, Public Drug Dealing (May 27) 
Anti-Snitch Culture Hinders Police in Bridgeport

Huffington Post (May 22)
Reducing Crime through Policing and Employment (May 17)
Stop and Frisk Policy Not Working, Criminal Justice Experts Say

Delaware Online (May 12)
Offenders Offered Warnings, Hope under Wilmington's New Strategy (May 6)
Cincinnati Offers Toledo a Model in Crime Fight 

The Oakland Tribune (April 30)
David Kennedy Talks Oakland and Ceasefire

The Nation (April 24)
Beyond Stop-and-Frisk: Toward Policing that Works

The Wall Street Journal (April 22)
Rethinking the War on Drugs

The Oakland Tribune (April 22)
Time for Real Solutions to Oakland Killings

New York Times (April 19)
Beyond Stop-and-Frisk

ToledoBlade (April 15)
Toledo's Urgent Message: Cease Fire

MLive (April 16)
Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Chief Announces New Community-Policing Division

Newsweek (April 16)
Liberal Academic, Tea Party Leader Rethinking Crime Policy 

Swarthmore College Daily Gazette (April 16)
Making Ceasefire Happen: Q&A with David Kennedy ’80

Kansas City Star (April 10)
The New Crime Watch: Kansas City studies Cincinnati’s Focus on Groups

Hartford Courant (April 9) 
Pastore Watches From Nearby As New Haven Returns To Community Policing (April 7)
"Stop Snitching" Migrates Online  

PRI's The World (March 27)
Glasgow's Anti-Violence Initiative  

MLive (March 25)
Crime-Prevention Authority David Kennedy Addresses Violence in Kalamazoo as ISAAC Keynote Speaker

MLive (March 23)
Kalamazoo Starting from Position of Strength as it Addresses Violence (March 20)
A Program of Peace on Avondale  

Huffington Post (March 19)
Stockton's Poor Mired in Violence after Police Cuts, Recession 

MLive (March 17)
Renowned Violence-Reduction Program Draws Success from its Simplicity  

MLive (March 14)
Well-known Author, Crime-Prevention Expert David Kennedy to Speak in Kalamazoo 

The Advocate (March 13)
Community Leaders Advised on Anti-Violence Program  

SarasotaPatch (March 12)
Police Chief Hasn't Heard 'Outcry' on Murders

New York Times (March 6)
Drug Policy as Race Policy: Best Seller Galvanizes the Debate 

Ricochet (March 3)
Book Recommendation: David Kennedy's Don't Shoot

The Economist (March 3)
Cleaning Up the 'Hood

Richmond Confidential (February 29)
Richmond's First Ceasefire Call-In to Debut Soon 

The Advocate (February 24)
Program to Reduce Violence Presented  

Governing (February)
How Game Theory is Reinventing Crime Fighting

The Independent (February 1)
Gangs Brought Face to Face with Victims as London Tries US Scheme

DelawareOnline (January 30)
Wilmington Officials Studying High Point Crime Fighting Plan

New York Times (January 30)
In a Gang-Ridden City, New Efforts to Fight Crime While Cutting Costs

Daily Reporter (January 8)
Oakland Sees Homicide Total Reach Triple Digits, Violent Crime Spike in 2011 after 1 Year Drop (January 7)
A Different Direction

Newsworks (January 3)
Inauguration Day: The Poet, the Mayor and the Clerk (January 1)
NOPD Release of Murder Victims' Criminal Records is Challenged

2011 (December 23)
Baltimore May See Lowest Homicide Count Since 80s (December 22)
Partnership between St. Louis Police and UMSL Looks at Crime-Fighting Techniques

MSNBC-The Dylan Ratigan Show (December 21)
Intervening to End Inner-City Violence

WTNH (December 7)
New Haven Holds Forum on How to Curb Violence

New York Times (December 7)
New Orleans Struggles to Stem Homicides

New Haven Independent (December 7)
Hundreds Weigh the Meaning Of "Don't Shoot"

Atlanta Journal (December 6)
Some Tech Students Want to Carry Guns

The Wall Street Journal (November 29)
The Just-Say-No Crime-Busters (November 29)
Erie Should Read "Don't Shoot" Book

WBEZ 91.5 (November 28)
Chicago PD Puts Author's "Don't Shoot" Strategy to Work

New Haven Independent (November 28)
Guru Returns to Help City Stop Shootings

TruthDig (November 25)
Operation Ceasefire (November 20)
Erie Considers Ceasefire Strategy to Reduce Crime

Slate (November 21)
Fighting Inner-City Crime

The Economist (November 19)
The Power of Jaw-Jaw

The Washington Post (November 18)
Don't Shoot -- Book Review

New Haven Independent (November 18)
Chief Sworn In: "Walking Beat is Returning"

New York Daily News (November 13)
Stop-and-Frisk is the Wrong Approach: There Are More Humane Ways to Combat Crime

The Royal Gazette (November 8)
There is a Solution to Gang Violence

The Cap Times (November 7)
Crime and Courts: Police to Offer Ultimatum to 10 Worst Offenders: Go Straight or Else

OakTalk (November 7)
Call-ins and Crime Reduction in Oakland

News 14 Carolina (November 4)
Policing Strategy Reducing Crime in Targeted High Point Neighborhoods

The Guardian (November 4)
Don't Bring Your Guns to Church, Leave Your Guns at Home

90.9 WBUR (November 3)
Second Chances, Not Jail Time, For Criminals

City Beat (November 2)
"We Do Know How to Fix The Problems"

NPR (November 1)
Interrupting Violence With The Message 'Don't Shoot'

The Huffington Post (November 1)
Congress on Speed: Partisan Conflict Led to Many Problems in 1986 Drug Law

Sacramento Press (October 31)
Gang Violence Drops Due to City's New Efforts, Officials Say

The Times (October 29)
The Gang Buster

MyFOX DC (October 19)
'Don't Shoot,' Explores David Kennedy's Work to Clean up the Streets

HealthyCal (October 19)
Can Ceasefire End Youth Violence in Oakland?

The Sacremento Bee (October 18)
Ramping Up the Fight Against Gangs

USA Today (October 18)
Cities Rethink How to Combat Crime

New Haven Independent (October 18)
Chief's Challenge: Change Minus Tsuris

C-SPAN (October 17)
Don't Shoot

The Daily Beast (October 14)
Fight the Violence!

WNYC (October 14)
Stop Killing

Radio Boston (October 13)
'Don't Shoot:' The End Of Inner City Violence

Daily News Los Angeles (October 13)
Raids at 79 Places Lead to 12 Arrests

CityBeat (October 11)
Book Explores Cincinnati Anti-Crime Program

The Crime Report (October 7)
Don't Shoot: Ending Violence in Inner City America

The New Republic (October 6)
Don't Shoot: One Man, a Street Fellowship, and the End of Violence in Inner-City America

The Boston Globe (October 6)
Expanding the "Boston Miracle"

Los Angeles Public Library - Aloud Podcast (October 6)
From Nickerson Gardens to National: An End in Sight to Violence in Inner-City America?

KQED Radio (October 5)
Ending Violence in Inner-city America

KALW News (October 5)
The Safety Gap: David Kennedy Talks Fighting Violent Crime

The Seattle Times (October 1)
Don't Shoot: Saving Young Lives in a Long Gang War

Huffington Post (September 30)
David Kennedy, Author Of 'Don't Shoot,' Says He Has A Cure For Inner-City Gang Violence

Boston Globe (September 30)
One Man's Fight to Stop Street Violence in America

The Take Away (September 29)
'Don't Shoot': David Kennedy on Ending Violence in Inner-City America

CityBeat (September 28)
David Kennedy Addresses Cincinnati's Homicide Problem

The Crime Report (September 26)
Think Outside the Cell

The Daily Beast (September 25)
'God, It's Got to Stop'

Daily Telegraph (September 24)
The Woman Taking the Fight to Glasgow's Gangs

BBC Radio 1 (September 1)
US Lessons On Tackling Gang Crime in Chicago Projects

The Guardian (August 19)
Glasgow Campaign Calls for Radical Response to Gang Violence after Riots

WBEZ 91.5 (August 18)
Interview: Garry McCarthy on the Future of the Chicago Police Department

Supt. Garry McCarthy (Photo: AP)

In a bold expression of support for one of the National Network for Safe Communities' founding principles – the need to openly recognize and address historic and ongoing racial tensions between communities of color and police – Chicago Superintendent Garry McCarthy, in an interview with WBEZ 91.5, delivered his vision for the future of policing in Chicago and elsewhere.

The New Yorker (August 16)
Can William Bratton Curb Gang Violence in Britain?

Chicago Tribune (August 15)
Police Supt. McCarthy: Legacy of Racism Plagues Today's Police Officers

PressTV (August 14)
Activists Slam Attack on Civil Liberties

Huffington Post (August 13)
Human Rights Groups Uneasy About Cameron's Riot Crackdown

Huffington Post (August 13)
Rights Groups Uneasy over Cameron's Riot Crackdown

The Herald Scotland (August 12)
Strathyclyde Shows the Way Ahead after UK Riots

Daily Record (August 11)
UK Riots: Cameron Praises Glasgow's CIRV for Tackling Destructive Gang Culture (August 11)
Cameron: Looking to Boston for Gang-Fighting Advice

CBS Chicago (August 11)
Bereaved Parents Take Their Anti-Violence Message To Gang Members

Daily Mirror (August 11)
UK Riots: Cameron Turns Spotlight on Tackling Gang Culture

ABC Channel 7 (August 9)
Gang Squeeze: Chicago Presses Ahead With Violence Reduction Strategy (July 7)
OPD Program Earns Excellence Award

NewarkPatch (June30)
Former, Current Gang Members, Activists Talk Ceasefire

Chicago Sun-Times (June 24)
Gang Round-Up is a Policy that Works

WestWard Patch (June 16)
Newark Police to Launch Ceasefire Strategy to Combat Gang Violence

Daily News Los Angeles (June 1)
Gangs Get Warning: Stop the Violence (April 27)
St. Paul Police Try New Tack to Thwart Gang Initiation

The Star-Ledger (March 11)
Newark Officials, Leaders to Meet with Violent Groups to Offer them Jobs in Effort to Reduce Crime

Chicago Sun-Times (February 14)
Police Supt. Weis: Secret Gang Meeting Reduced Murders

ABC 7 (February 13)
Chicago Police Fight Crime in New Ways

Chicago Tribune (February 13)
Weis: Crackdown Brings 40 Percent Homicide Drop

CBS (February 13)
Did Weis' Controversial Gang Meeting Work?

The Roanoke Times (February 9)
Roanoke to Import Crime-Cutting Program (January 28)
Gangs have presence in 254 towns, in every county in N.J., survey shows

Chicago Sun-Times (January 28)
Murderers, Victims Share Social Ties

Seattle Weekly (January 5)
SPD's Drug Market Initiative to Target Columbia City

The American Prospect (January/February)
On the Block


Winston-Salem Journal (December 21)
Winston-Salem Sees 13% Drop in Violent Crime

Chicago Crusader (November 1)
One Murder = 60 Arrests

Chicago Sun-Times (October 29)
Cops Make Good on Threat to Gang-Bangers (October 27)
Chicago Police Superintendent Keeps His Word

The High Point Enterprise (October 26)
Jobs Program For Felons Makes Inroads

Chicago Tribune (October 26)
Police Arrests Dozens of Gang Members

ABC Chicago (October 26)
Police: New Gang Strategy Starting to Work

NBC Chicago (October 26)
More Than 60 Nabbed in Crackdown

Huffington Post (October 26)
Chicago Gang Violence: Police Chief Follows Through on Controversial Strategy

Chicago Tribune (October 25)
Chicago Police Make Good on Gang Warning

Davidson County Dispatch (September 17)
Project Safe Neighborhood Comes to County Amid Great Anticipation

Chicago Tribune (September 7)
Crushing Gang Violence in Chicago

New York Times (September 4)
Good Intent Gone Awry After Pair of Meetings

Chicago Sun Times (September 3)
Gang Member Tells Others: "Put the Guns Down"

Chicago Tribune (September 3)
Facing Down the Gang Leaders

CBS2 Chicago (September 2)
Community Residents Comment On Gang Meeting

Chicago Breaking News Center (September 1)
Fitzgerald Mum About Next Blago Trial: 'I won't touch it'

Chicago Tribune (September 1)
Quinn Disagrees with Weis' Gang Meeting (August 30; Updated September 2)
Secret Police-Gang Meeting Won't Work, Activist Says

Chicago Sun-Times (August 29)
Cops to Gangs: Stop the Killings – or Else

The Herald-Dispatch (August 6)
New Tool Being Used in Drug Battle

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (July 27)
Former Steelers Running Back Gives Boost to Anti-Gang Program

The Crime Report (July 21)
One Vision One Life

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (July 14)
Pittsburgh Gang Members Attend 'Call-In'

Pittsburg Post-Gazette (July 11)
City Organizes Assault on Violence

The Monterey Herald (July 8)
Ceasefire Showing Progress

Ventura County Reporter Online (July 1)
New Program Succeeds in Reducing Gang Violence in Oxnard

The Providence Journal (June 30)
New Pilot Program to Offer Teens a Place to Go at Night

Omaha World-Herald (June 27)
A Fresh Grip on Gangs, Gun Crimes

Memphis Daily News (June 21)
Springdale Fights Back

Washington Post (June 17)
Legal System Forces Face-to-Face Meetings with Prince George County's Most Violent Criminals

NewarkPatch (June 16)
Newark Police to Launch Ceasefire Strategy to Combat Gang Violence

Montery County Herald (May 25)
Ceasefire's California Challenge

The Monetary Herald (May 15)
Crossing the Line of Ceasefire: Offenders Find out Breaking Agreement Has Consequences

Marin Independent Journal (May 15)
Baltimore Violent Crime Drops as Cops Narrow Focus

News 14 Carolina (May 12)
High Point Police Tells Criminals to Straighten Out

The Monterey Herald (April 23)
Operation Knockout: Gang Raid Targets Nuestra Familia in Salinas

Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tennessee (April 20)
Memphis Police Shutter Drug House, Announce Indictments of 51

The Oakland Tribune (April 13)
Union City Launches Youth Violence Prevention Program

The Monterey Herald (April 1)
Police Raid on Salinas Gang Ends in Three Arrests

The Monterey Herald (March 26)
Police Arrest Salinas Gang Members in Sweep After Boy's Death

WREG CBS3 Memphis, TN (March 4)
Drug Market Initiative

The High Point Enterprise (n.d)
Drug Initiative Moves: High Point Police Target Washington Drive Corridor

The High Point Enterprise (n.d.)
Washington Drive Residents Welcome Anti-Crime Initiative

The High Point Enterprise (n.d.)
Our View: Anti-Crime-Effort Commences

Seattle Central District News (January 29)
Drug Market Initiative Shows Concrete Progress

The Guardian UK (January 21)
Anti-Social Behavior Orders (Asbos) for Gangs Don't Work. This Talking Cure Just Might

Central Florida News 13 (January 21)
Are Drug Dealers Keeping Their Promise for a Second Chance?

Daily News Los Angeles (January 20)
Prison Problems

My EyeWitness (January 13)
Drug Market Intervention Targets North Memphis Neighborhood (January 13)
Drug Intervention Program Offers Second Chance

The Commercial Appeal (January 13)
Anti-drug program Arrests 50 in North Memphis; 5 Get Special Second Chance (January 13)
Law Enforcement, City Leaders Look to Stamp out Open-Air Drug Markets

News 14 Carolina (January 11)
Police Look to Neighbors to Fight Washington Drive Crime (January 10)
Police, Residents Work to Lower Crime at Providence's Troubled Chad Brown Project


Christian Science Monitor (December 23)
More Guns Equal More Crime? Not in 2009, FBI Crime Report Shows (December 21)
Ocala Tries to Save a Neighborhood by Cutting Deals with Drug Dealers

Monterey Herald (December 6)
Conference Offers Hope for Salinas

The Crime Report (December 3)
Cops and Communites

Providence Journal (November 17)
Violence expert says communal effort can cut crime (November 1)
Hitting Violent Street Gangs Where it Hurts

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (October 29)
Anti-Gang Initiative Coming Together After 13-Month Wait

The Economist (October 22)
The Velvet Glove

Prospect (October 21)
How to Really Hug a Hoodie

NPR (September 16)
Cincinnati Police Partner with Academics

Washington Post (September 11)
U.S. Sentencing Commission Urged to Give Judges More Flexibility

Time (September 2)
Street Crime: Too Often Blamed on Gangs, Experts Say

Seattle Central District News (August 27)
23rd & Union Neighbors Agree: DMI Making a Difference (August 23)
Violent Crime Reduction Initiative (August 23)
In High Point, N.C., They Took a Chance (August 12)
Man Initially Given Deal in Crack Case charged Tuesday

SPD Blotter – Seattle Police News and Events (August 8)
New Strategy Aims to Reduce Street Drug Dealing (August 7)
Seattle Drug Dealers Given One Shot to Clean Up

Seattle Times (August 7)
Police Ultimatum to Drug Dealers: Quit, or Go to Prison (August 7)
Prosecutor to Suspected Drug Dealers: Stop Selling and We'll Let You Walk Away (August 6)
High Point's Answer to Crime Serves as National Model

The Tennessean (August 1)
Police Intervention Tames East Nashville's Mean Streets

The Guardian (July 29)
US Academic David Kennedy on Crime and Group Punishment (July 17)
Cincinnati Police Fight Crime with Computers

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (July 6)
Pittsburgh's Anti-Violence Program Ready to Start

Seattle Channel (July 2)
Youth Violence Prevention

Seattle Post Globe (June 29)
Crime Expert to City Council: A Community "Intervention" is Key to Reducing Violence

Seattle Central District News (June 26)
New Program Offers Choice to Drug Dealers: Help vs. Jail

Seattle Times (June 26)
Gangs: Experts Teach Seattle a Consistent Approach

Seattle Time (June 25)
Innovators visit Seattle to Describe Ways that Work to Cut Gang Violence

New Yorker (June 22)
Don't Shoot

Progressive Policy Institute (June 19)
Can't-Miss Offer For Policy Revolutionaries: Hang Out With PPI, Get Featured In The New Yorker

The Providence Journal (June 4)
Esserman Gives Two Briefings in D.C.

Daily Times – Salisbuy, MD (May 31)
Berlin Targets Drug Dealers

The Dispatch (May 29)
Prosecutor Declares War On Open Air Drug Markets

The Daily Times (May 28)
Drug Dealers Confronted by their Berlin Neighbors

The Providence Journal (May 22)
Virginia Police View Success of Clean-Up of Providence Neighborhood

Christian Science Monitor (April 23)
People Making a Difference: Teny Gross

DC Public Safety (Radio Show - March 12)
Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (March 7)
County Gets $3.2 Million for Law Enforcement

WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio (March 3)
Community Justice: Interview with John Jay College President Jeremy Travis

NPR (February 2009)
Expert Says Economic Woes May Spur Crime Rate

Newsweek (Febrauary 9)
Always on My Mind

Dayton Daily News (February 1)
Dayton Hopes to Learn from Cincinnati Gang Bust

New York Times (January 18)
Street Known for Drug Crime is Getting Clean (January 14)
Progress in Hempstead: Drug Crime Dropped on Terrace Avenue (January 14)
DA Rice Touts Efforts to Clean Up Drugs in Nassau

Lancaster Online (January 13)
Communities Benefit When Dealers Get Deal

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (January 4)
Pittsburgh Homicides Jump 28% as other Cities See Decline

CUNY's Salute to Scholars (Winter 2008)
Novel Drug Crackdown is Saving Cities

USA Today (December 22)
Crime Increases in Some Areas as Economy Fails

Sunday Times, UK (December 21)
The War on Knife Thugs Starts in the Womb

British Medical Journal (December 13)
An Unusual Day in Court

BBC World News America (December 12)
Can US Crime Miracle help Glasgow?

NPR (November 20)
Expert Says Economic Woes May Spur Crime Rate

Pittsburgh City Paper (October 15-22)
Practicing What He Preaches

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (October 12)
City's Anti-Crime Plan Has Mixed Record

New York Times (October 9)
Keeping Wary Eye on Crime as Economy Sinks

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (September 30)
City Recruits Churches for Anti-Crime Effort

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (September 26)
Councilman Calls for Anti-Violence Program

ABC Primetime (August 20)
New Program Reforms Drug-Torn Neighborhood

The Wall Street Journal (July 10)
Communities Pay for High Prison Rate

Providence City News (July 10)
Police & Community Celebrate Successful Lockwood Crime Fighting Initiative With Cookout

NPR (June 28)
Cops Target L.A. Gangs' Shot Callers

New York Magainze (June 1)
Dog Days Debate. Do recent headlines point to a high-crime summer?

Adelaide Now
Rann's $11m teen crime fight

NPR (May 8)
Stop Snitchin' Movement Confounding Criminal Justice

The Wall Street Journal (May 6)
Murder Spike Poses Quandary

Toronto Star (April 27)
A Look Beyond the Hand Gun Ban

Newsweek (April 14)
The Crime Conundrum

University of Cincinnati Magazine (April 1)
Killer Data

NPR (March 23)
Anti-Drug Program Tackles Open-Air Markets

Liverpool Echo (Feburary 18)
Matrix Police Issue Warning to Criminals

Yale Alumni Magazine (January/February)
Man on the Street: Profile of Elijah Anderson

New York Times (January 21)
Tough But Smart on Drugs

The Providence Journal (January 7)
Calm Comes to Lockwood Neighborhood

Rolling Stone Magazine (December 13)
How We Lost the War on Drugs

New York Times (November 23)
City Homicides Still Dropping, To Under 500

New York Times (September 12)
Biggest Test for Newark's New Badge

USA Today (August 31)
Criminals Target Each Other, Trend Shows

Governing Magazine (August 1)
Bratton's Brigade

Jacksonville (June 25)
Felons Are Victims, Too, She Discovers

Financial Times (April 17)
Campus Gunman Kills 33 at Rural University

University of Cincinatti (April 4)
UC Experts Set to Help City Fight Rising Homicide Problem

The Atlantic (April 1)
The Story of a Snitch

The Providence Journal (March 10)
Closing Crack Highway

Committee on the Judiciary (February 15)
Making Communities Safer: Youth Violence and Gang Interventions That Work (Prepared Testimony)

City Beat (February 7)
Finally Ready for a Ceasefire

Nation's Cities Weekly (January 29)
13 Cities in California Share Gang Violence Prevention Strategies

Jacksonville (January 18)
Lure of the Game

Seattle Post-Intelligencer (January 2)
Homicides on Rise in Seattle

MassINC (Winter 2006)
Crime and Puzzlement

Sheriff (November/December)
The Violence Must Stop (December 14)
Taking Back the Neighborhood

The Wall Street Journal (September 27)
Novel Police Tactics Put Drug Markets Out of Business

New York Times (August 22)
Attention Oakland Troublemakers: The Police Are Keeping a Close Eye on You

Washington Post (August 13)
The Neighborhood War Zone

USA Today (July 27)
Some Cities see Resurgent Wave of Street Crime

Jacksonville (June 22)
Murder Rate: A Fresh Approach

Jacksonville (June 17)
Legal Expert: Prevention Key to Controlling Homicides

Fox 61 WTIC-TV Connecticut (June 16)
Hartford Echoes Crime Trend

MSNBC.COM (June 16)
Murder Up in Small Cities (June 16)
Nationwide Resurgence of Gang Activity Troubling to Authorities (June 16)
Drug Crime Goes Country (June 12)
FBI: Violent-Crime Surge is Worst in Midwest

City Journal (Summer 2006)
New York Cops: Still the Finest – Times Herald-Record (April 26)
Prisoners Steer Kids Away (April 10)
Craving Fame Leads to Shame

New York Times (March 26)
Counting Heads Along the Thin Blue Line

The Jersey Journal (March 23)
Out of Harm's Way

The Detroit News (February 9)
Project Shows How to Muzzle Detroit's Shootings

Social Inclusion Initiative (Australia) (February 1)
Innovations in Juvenile Justice

Mother Jones (January/February)
Straight Outta Boston

The Boston Globe (January 28)
Boston's Armistice

New York Times (January 26)
Trashy or Not, a Drug Peril Creeps Closer Star Ledger (January 4)
State's Inner Cities See Surge in Killings

John Jay Magazine (November 1)
David Kennedy's Unconventional Approaches to Crime and Gang Violence Get Results

NPR (August 12)
Minister Works to Revive Boston Miracle (July 3)
City in a Danger Zone

Reason (May 1)
Straight Shooting on Gun Control

Pittsburgh Tribune Review (April 29)
Federal Agents, Prosecutors Targeting Guns

NPR (March 25)
Rochester Targets Crime with Community Policing

Rochester Democrat & (March 14)
City Homicides Drop 39%

C-Span Washington Journal (March 14)
Combating Gang Violence

NPR (March 14)
Justice Under the Gun

Washington Dateline (March 4)
First Lady Fights Gangs

The Enquirer Cincinnati.Com (March 3)
Witness Killings Spread Nationally

McClatchy Newspapers (March 2)
Law enforcers say Bush Budget Cuts Would Hamper Anti-Gang Efforts

Law Enforcement News (March 1)
Calling a Ceasefire -- Sending Gangs the Message: Change, or Else

New York Times (February 28)
Rochester Journal / Taking the Streets Back from Gangs, One Merciless Step at a Time

C-SPAN (February 7)
Combating Gang Violence

Baltimore Sun (November 23)
For a Safer City

Los Angeles Times (April 18)
Innovative Program Targets Rochester's High Murder Rate (March 7)
Ending Senseless Tragedy

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle (October 23)
Gang Crippled; Residents Relieved

Governing Magazine (June 1)
Murder Mystery

Time (August 9)
Squeezing Out the Bad Guys

U.S. News & World Report (December 29)
Silver Bullets: 16 Smart Ideas to Fix the World

Christian Science Monitor (December 5)
Kentucky Shooting Spree is Exception Amid Safer Schools

Christian Science Monitor (December 3)
School Board Overreacted to Gun Incident

Washington Post (October 23)
Boston's Approach to Juvenile Crime Encircles Youths, Reduces Slayings

NPR (February 28)
The Brady Bill

Law Enforcement News / John Jay College (January 15)
Youth Gun Deaths in Boston: Little More Than a Hill of Beans

New York Times (November 21)
In Boston, Nothing is Something

New York Times (July 8)
Federal Program Will Track Sales of Guns to Youths

Law Enforcement News / John Jay College (January 15)
Youth Gun Deaths in Boston: Little More Than a Hill of Beans


Campbell Review Attests to Efficacy of Center's Strategies
A Campbell Collaboration Systematic Review, the gold standard in evaluating social science interventions, found "strong empirical evidence” for the effectiveness of the Center's crime prevention strategies. The Effects of “Pulling Levers” Focused Deterrence Strategies on Crime  (Braga & Weisburd, 2011) confirms what research and field experience have long suggested:  a strategy that combines deterrence with elements that encourage offenders away from crime, strengthens a community’s collective efficacy, and enhances police legitimacy is the most effective approach to addressing serious violent crime and overt drug markets.

Don't Shoot
Read an excerpt from Center Director David Kennedy's new book or click on the cover image below for further information. Highlights from a reading during his national book tour, including a conversation with John Seabrook from The New Yorker, can be viewed here.     

David Kennedy, in this interview with Boston Public Radio, sets out what it takes to reduce the number of violent deaths and the high levels of incarceration rates that beset America's most troubled communities.

Fighting Back: Violence in Our Cities 
As one of the panelists of a multimedia event in New Haven, CT, Center Director David Kennedy discusses how to rebuild trust between the community and police and stem the tide of murders in the city.  

Photo: Thomas McMillan/New Haven Independent 

Thinking Outside the Cell
In this interview with CUNY TV's Criminal Justice Matters, Center Director David Kennedy explains why the strategies developed by the Center can reduce both serious violent crime and the problem of mass incarceration.










































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