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V.I.P. Protection Course (3 Days)

August 27, 28 and 29, 2012 

Sponsored by the Security Management Institute
555 West 57th st., Room 603BMW
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V.I.P. Protection Training Seminar
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The Security Management Institute (SMI) has developed a program that is designed for individuals tasked with the responsibility of providing physical security for persons at risk. Included in this category would be corporate level executives, professional athletes, entertainment celebrities, political personalities, and the families of the aforementioned, or any other individuals who, because of their unique circumstances, require personal security. This program will cover protective security practices modeled on the New York City Police Department, the United States Secret Service and the United States Department of State's Diplomatic Security Service.


    * Presenter: Robert Mattiesen, is a retired seergeant from the NYPD Intelligence Division with over 22 years of service. He has coordinated diplomatic protection assignments and has instructed
       training on dignitary and executive protection, physical security and international terrorism, He also lectures at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
    * Appropriate materials will be provided.
    * Instruction will consist of classroom and practical exercises.


    * Reasons for assassination
    * Methods of attack
    * Tactics to counter assassination
    * Threat assessment
    * Target & protective intelligence
    * Protective countermeasures
    * Surveillance detection
    * Organization of a protective detail
    * One person detail
    * Multiple person detail
    * Protective formations
    * Protective tactics
    * Special protective situations
    * Security rings
    * Medical emergencies
    * Protective domestic advances
    * Protective foreign advances
    * Site surveys
    * Motorcade formation
    * Attacks against motorcades
    * Communications
    * Kidnaping - versus - assassination
    * Hostage survival & negotiation
    * Workplace violence
    * Office security
    * Residential security
    * Travel security
    * Protective security attitude
    * Practical exercises
    * Discussion of the need for executive driver training

In addition actual attack scenarios will be reviewed for lessons learned and information provided to allow one to prepare an in-depth travel security program.

Course Objectives

    * Learn how to conduct and manage a protective security program.
    * Develop a defensive briefing program for principals under a threat.
    * Develop an awareness of protective security concerns that can be taught to corporate employees who are not provided a protective detail.

Who Should Attend

    * Security managers and officers who have responsibility for the protection of people at risk.


Security Management Institute
555 West 57th st., Room 612BMW
New York, NY 10019-1029
Tel: (212) 237-8638
FAX: (212) 237-8637

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