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The Cybercrime Problem Cybercrime is a form of crime that takes advantage of flaws in complex information systems and information infrastructures such as the Internet.  The rapid expansion of E-Commerce as well as our widespread reliance on on-line services for financial transactions and social interactions have created unprecedented opportunities for many types of traditional criminal activity, especially fraud.  With the promises of low costs and high returns, cybercrime is rapidly becoming the world’s most costly from of crime.  Deterring criminal activity in the digital age requires more secure systems, user education, new legislation, new enforcement methods, and international agreements that address the transnational nature of cybercrime.   

Center Mission The Center is dedicated to developing and disseminating the expertise needed to understand, detect, and deter computer related criminal activity. Center activities bring together academic researchers, computer security experts, and law enforcement practitioners to share information and develop new ways to protect users, information systems, and information infrastructures.   Of particular concern is the impact of proposed solutions on civil liberties, privacy, information system costs, and infrastructure capability to support innovation.

Objectives of Center Activities Center sponsored seminars, programs and research

  • Raise awareness of risks, vulnerabilities and protection requirements, particularly for new technologies
  • Provide the latest methods for investigation and prevention
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and legal implications of new techniques, legislation, policies, and software used in the fight against cybercrime
  • Develop multifaceted solutions by integrating expertise from such diverse fields as computer science, criminal justice, and law

Upcoming Events

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Douglas E. Salane, Director
Adina Schwartz, Assistant Director
John Jay is CUNY

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