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Answers for Questions For Practice and Review



1. False

Assembly area refers to a location outside the buidling only

2. True
3. False An Evacuation is the emptying of a building of all building occupants in response to an emergency

4. False Only buildings subject to the provisions of  RCNY 6-02
5. True
6. True
7. False Consider every explosion or blast might be a RDD dispersing radioactive material, until proven otherwise by the emergency responders because we can not see, smell or taste radiological material

8. False Radioactive contamination occurs when radioactive material is deposited on or in an object or a person
9. True
10. False The best place to shelter form nuclear fallout is as far underground as possible. If not possible, in high rise buildings it may be best to relocate to the upper floors at least 3 floors from the roof, to avoid the fallout.

11. False Time, distance and shielding
12. True
13. False Consider installing a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter in your HVAC/ system. These filters remove particles in the 0.3 to 10 micron range and will filter out most biological agents that may enter your building.

14. False Certain biological agents may be used by terrorists to cause illness or death. These agents include microbes, such as bacteria or viruses, or toxins derived from plants or animals.
15. True
16. True
17. False Some chemical agents may be odorless and tasteless.
18. True Remove all clothing and other items in contact with the body. Put contaminated clothing and items into a plastic bag and seal it. Decontaminate hands using soap and water.
19. True
20. False If there is an explosion, inside of your building, it may be necessary to order a partial evacuation, or full evacuation. Be aware of the possibility of a secondary device.