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  1. INVITATION: Receive a letter inviting you
    to continue your studies at John Jay
    College as a baccalaureate degree student.
Students whose academic records indicate
    that they could complete the required
    coursework and graduate with an
    associate degree by February 2015 or
    sooner will receive a letter inviting them to
    CONFIRM their intention to continue their
   studies at John Jay College from the Vice-President of Enrollment
•  If you don't receive this invitation by October 15, 2014, and you intend to
   transition to John Jay College after your graduation from your community
   college this fall, please email us at
•  If you're an international student and intend to transition to John Jay,
   please follow these instructions 
to mantain your F-1 status.

2. CONFIRMATION: Confirm your intention to start at John Jay by 
    November 14, 2014.
•  To confirm, use the "CJA/confirm" link provided in the
We will then start to evaluate your credits and get you
    ready for early registration.
•  To speed up your credit evaluation, make sure you do not have
   any local negative Service Indicators (also known as "stop") on your record; otherwise, we will not be
   able to access your transcript.

3. CREDIT EVALUATION: Receive an email informing you that your 
    credits have been evaluated.
If you have previously attended non-CUNY colleges, you will have to
    request that your non-CUNY institution provide John Jay College with
    an official copy of your transcript. 
You also have to submit your final updated transcript to the Testing Office
    so we can update your records as soon as your final grades are posted.

4. CUNY'S SKILLS PROFICIENCY: Make sure you have satisfied CUNY's
    skills requirements in reading, writing, and math. 
    If you are not sure about your math proficiency status or have other
    proficiency-related questions, get in touch with your CJA advisor right
    away to avoid putting your transition to John Jay on hold. 

5. PROOF OF IMMUNIZATION: Provide proof of your immunization status. 
 •  Get your immunization records from the Health Office on your campus,
    have them stamped, and then bring or fax your records to the John Jay
    Student Health Center, 524 W.59th St., L76.01.NB,Tel.: 212.237.8052/53,
    Fax: 212.237.8026. 
 •  Make sure your immunization record includes your meningitis status.
    If it's not part of your current record, please fill out part 1 and 2
    of this form and submit it with the rest of your health records. 

6. FILING FOR GRADUATION: Make sure that you transition to John Jay
    College with your associate degree completed. 
 •  The guarantee of enrollment at John Jay in your “dual-admission”
    program is based on the completion of your associate degree.
    As you approach that major milestone, your community college
    expects you to file for graduation. So please remember to file for
    graduation in your final semester before transitioning to John Jay.
 •  If you are a returning John Jay student, we encourage you to meet
    with your local CJA advisor to determine if you are subject to the
    Second Chance Policy.

7. PREPARING TO REGISTER: Come to your registration appointment
    ready and informed.
 •  Log in to eSims to update your profile on the CUNY portal. You will have to
    change your college to John Jay College. See instructional video.
 •  Check eSims for available courses. See instructional video.  
 •  Try and attend an advising session to understand your course options and
    create your academic plan for your baccalaureate degree studies.
    Schedule an advising appointment online.
    Find out how to use Advisortrac to make an appointment.

8. REGISTRATION: CJA registration will start in mid-December. 
    Students will receive
registration appointments only if their
    credits have
been evaluate and their immunization records
    have been updated. Please bring your Courses in Progress
 credit evaluation report with you. Check back for more info in








CJA Students Graduating
in Fall 2014
Confirm your intention to start at John Jay in Spring 2014 by November 14, 2014.

coming soon

Fall 2014 Graduate and Professional School Fair
October 15, 2014 | 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
4th Floor Haaren Hall Gym
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