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Jake Stowell: "A Longitunal Analysis of the Impact of Deportation on Violent Crime"

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Immigration Policy and Practice Resources


Immigration Policy Center  

The Immigration Policy Center (IPC) is the research arm of the American Immigration Law Foundation (AILF).  IPC was established in 2003 with the mission to provide policymakers, academics, the media, and the general public with access to accurate information about the effects of immigration on the U.S. economy and society. The IPC attracts nationally recognized scholars as research fellows and guest authors, and publishes timely reports on the role of immigrants and immigration policy. Together, the IPC director, fellows, and staff have been a major voice in the national debate on immigration. They have testified before Congress and regularly serve as experts on immigration law and policy issues for members of the media.


Immigration resources

Compiled by Cory Feldman

Doctoral Student, John Jay College

Former Center on Race, Crime, and Justice Immigration Policy Fellow




Debunking the Myth of Immigrant Criminality: Imprisonment Among First- and Second-Generation Young Men

By Rubén G. Rumbaut, Roberto G. Gonzales, Golnaz Komaie, and Charlie V. Morgan

University of California, Irvine


From Anecdotes to Evidence: Setting the Record Straight on Immigrants and Crime

By The Immigration Policy Center


IMMIGRANTS AND CRIME: ARE THEY CONNECTED?  A Century of Research Finds that Crime Rates for Immigrants are Lower than for the Native-Born

By The Immigration Policy Center


The Myth of Immigrant Criminality and the Paradox of Assimilation

By The Immigration Policy Center 


Why are Immigrants' Incarceration Rates So Low?  Evidence on Selective Immigration, Deterrence, and Deportation

By Kristin F. Butcher and Anne Morrison Piehl


On Immigration and Crime 

By Ramiro Martinez, Jr., and Matthew T. Lee 


Forced Apart: Families Separated and Immigrants Harmed by United States Deportation Policy

By Human Rights Watch


Immigration Enforcement and Its Unintended Consequences: The Impact on America’s Children

Study of Three Raid Sites Finds One Child Affected for Every Two Adults

By The Immigration Policy Center


Why Don’t They Come Legally?

By The Immigration Policy Center 


The Electoral Landscape and What it Means for Immigration Reform

By The Immigration Policy Center


The “Funnel Effect" & Recovered Bodies of Unauthorized Migrants Processed by the Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner, 1990-2005 

By Raquel Rubio-Goldsmith, M. Melissa McCormick, Daniel Martinez, Inez Magdalena Duarte


No Way In: U.S. Immigration Policy Leaves Few Legal Options for Mexican Workers

By Rob Paral


Blurring the Lines: A Profile of State and Local Police Enforcement of Immigration Law Using the National Crime Information Center Database, 2002-2004 

By Hannah Gladstein, Annie Lai, Jennifer Wagner, Michael Wishnie


ACLU Testimony on "Immigration Enforcement Since September 11, 2001" Before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Claims (5/8/2003)


Immigration Raids: Postville and Beyond

By The American Civil Liberties Union



Resources: Resources and Links


From the National Immigration Project: Information on ICE Enforcement, Detention, and Deportation


Local Anti-Immigrant Legislation Links


English-only Legislation - Examples


Quick World Migration Statistics



State Responses to Immigration is a free, searchable data tool designed to generate information about all immigration-related bills and resolutions introduced in state legislatures. Classified by state, region, subject area, legislative type, and bill status, this is the only database that allows users to find out, for example, the status of enforcement initiatives introduced in their state, compare the number of bills regulating employment, or evaluate the passage rate of health-related bills across the nation. 










Testing the Limits: A Framework for Assessing the Legality of State and Local Immigration Measures 

By Cristina Rodríguez,  Muzaffar Chishti, and Kimberly Nortman 


Training and Pro Se Materials for Advocates and Clients (From


Pew Hispanic Center makes the datasets from each of its surveys available to researchers free of charge. Click Here to read more information about each dataset and download the package.


The Feet in Two Worlds project brings new voices into the discussions of immigration, globalization and transnational culture; [this] award-winning program gives public radio listeners a unique window into the lives of immigrant communities while at the same time helping immigrant journalists advance their careers.



Immigration Policy Bibliography

Prepared by Diana R. Gordon

Professor Emerita, Political Science, and Senior Research Scholar

Center on Race, Crime, and Justice Advisory Board Member

Ph.D. Program in Criminal Justice 

City University of New York


Brotherton, David C. and Philip Kretsedemas, eds. 2008. Keeing Out the Other: A Critical Introduction to Immigration Enforcement Today. New York: Columbia University Press.

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Martinez, Ramiro and Abel Valenzuela, eds. 2006. Immigration and Crime: Race, Ethnicity and Violence New York: New York University Press.


Martinez, Ramiro. 2002.  Latino Homicide: Immigration, Violence, and Community. New York: Routledge.


Tichenor, Daniel J. 2002. Dividing Lines: The Politics of Immigration Control in America. Princeton: Princeton University Press.


Toney, Michael, ed. 1997. Ethnicity, Crime and Immigration: Comparative and Cross-National Perspectives. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.


Welch, Michael. 2002. Detained: Immigration Laws and the Expanding I.N.S. Complex. Philadelphia: Temple University Press.


Zolberg, Aristede R. 2006. A Nation by Design. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.














Summary of the New York City Bar Association forum titled "The New York Police Department's Stop and Frisk Policies: Are they Effective? Fair? Appropriate?" (March 9,2010)

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