Children's Center

Children's Center


With the on-going pandemic, The John Jay College Children’s Center continues to support student parents using the online Zoom platform to provide distance learning opportunities for children and parents. As we have transitioned to distance learning, our goal is to continue to provide age-appropriate learning activities for children and families. These activities include early literacy, art, sensory activities, and music and movement. The teaching staff at The Children’s Center plans daily  curriculum and activities that are individualized for children’s needs and interest. Zoom meeting times and schedules are arranged with parents to engage and participate in these activities. 

To foster and continue building relationships with families, we are also engaging in a variety of family activities that bring everyone together at the same time to connect and support each other. On-going communication, providing resources and connecting with families  is paramount during these uncertain times.

Families interested in applying to The Children’s Center should forward their application to:




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