Communication | John Jay College of Criminal Justice


Interacting with people is a necessity in professional life, whether you’re speaking face-to-face, writing, or expressing yourself through body language. Excellent communicators not only have a firm grasp of grammar and syntax, but anticipate how their message will be received and make adjustments for different audiences. Understanding information communicated to you by others is equally important, so you’ll also develop tools to help you listen, read, and observe effectively.

Students who have achieved competency in the essential skill of communication:

  • Will demonstrate an ability to write and speak with intention and precision.
  • Will exercise proper use of grammar and syntax.
  • Will have an understanding of how their messages are received, and be able to adjust language, tone, and presentation to best reach a variety of audiences through appropriate methods of delivery.
  • Will approach communication as a two-way channel, challenging themselves to listen, read, and observe for optimal understanding.