Terrorism Attack Visialization Tool

Dr. Hammad Sheikh developed a Terrorism Attack Visualization Tool* to illustrate all terrorist attacks since 1970**. Data is derived from the START Center's Global Terrorism Database. you can see the shift from communist terrorism to Sialmic Terrorism after the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

Click here to view video. 
Click here to utilize webapp. 

*This is a prototype, updated version will be available soon.
*Data from 1993 is incomplete, so very little activity is represented. 

Pathways to and from radicalization

Through a series of invitational workships and our Seminar Series on Political Violence, sponsered by ARTIS International, researchers are investigating pathways to and from radicalization. Each seminar focuses on a singular aspect of terrorism. An invited speaker presents on a topic and an in-depth question-and-answer period follows.