Counseling Services Center

Counseling Services Center

Counseling Services at the Wellness Center

The Center is a fully accredited site in good standing with the standards of the International Association of Counseling Services. All of the services are FREE of charge and are available on a walk-in or appointment basis.

The services we provide include: personal counseling, adjustment to college, career and personal development, choosing a major, study habits, text anxiety, low self esteem, family and relationship concerns, depression and grief.

Our staff of trained professionals is diverse in ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, religion/spirituality, age and gender. We also have Spanish-speaking staff. You may request a particular counselor, and if scheduling permits, we will try to accommodate you. For contact information to a particular  staff member, please click here.


Educational Outreach 

Our workshops are geared towards promoting personal growth and education about mental awareness and academic issues. Please contact our front office at (212)237-8111 or email for more information.

ULifeline at John Jay 

ULifeline gives you the opportunity to check in with yourself about your overall well-being. It can also assist you in helping others in your life who might be struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, or other emotional issues. You can take an anonymous screeening to understand more about how you're feeling, learn more about mental health through videos and articles, anonymously share your story to help others, and more! The Department of Counseling and are here to support you. Check it out by clicking here!


If you know any John Jay student whom you feel would benefit from counseling, you can accompany them to the Counseling Services Center or call the Center. While members of the Counseling Service Center do not prescribe medication, we can provide referrals to a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse at an outside agency.

Counseling Services 

Counseling services are provided by trained professionals who are part of the College staff. The types of services provided include:

Individual Counseling

You can meet one-on-one with a counselor to discuss academic, career and/or personal issues such as relationships, family or cultural issues, self-esteem, anxiety, spiritual awareness, depression, body image, sexuality concerns and healthy behavior among others.

Group Counseling 

The department offers group sessions on different topics each year. Groups in the past have discussed relationship issues, parenting, first generation college students, mediation and coping with stress. Counseling to special groups within the College community is also available. A document containing a quick list of groups being offered for this Fall is available by clicking here. For more detailed descriptions of each group, please click here.

Psychiatric Consultations

We now provide students with the opportunity to be evaluated by a psychiatrist. If you are already on medication or are interested in the possibility of psychiatric medication, you can meet with our psychiatrist. You have to first meet with a non-medical provider who will collect some information about your concerns and can speak with you about possible solutions. Psychiatry appointments are free of charge to students, as are all of the services provided by the Counseling Services Center

Couples/Family Counseling 

Attending students in an interpersonal relationship may obtain couples/family support to address various concerns and help facilitate communication.

Peer Counseling 

The Peer Counseling Program (now located in room L 72.00 in the new building) provides peer services, including academic support and outreach. Peer Counselors offer outreach services around wellness and other mental health topics. They offer special outreach services to new transfer students as well.