Course Delivery Plan

Course Delivery Plan

The MPA IG Program, as it exists as a track within John Jay's MPA program, is a 42 credit program consisting of nine core courses, three specialization courses, and two elective courses.

The core courses focus on the foundations of public policy and public administration as a field, as well as the foundations of the field of inspection and oversight as relating to its standards of accounting and auditing, principles of public accounting and forensic accounting, techniques of investigation, inspection, and assessed, and fundamentals of ethics and integrity public service.

While four specializations are offered in the campus-based program (inspection and operational investigation, forensic financial analysis, program evaluation and assessment, and international inspection and oversight) the on-line program is initially envisioned to offer only the inspection and operational investigation specialization for the first year or two. Depending upon demand, additional specializations will be considered.

The course delivery plan involves offering three courses per semester over a sequence of four semesters over two years. The course offering plan is in the adjacent panel, including the names of the faculty members who will be the primary instructors.

In addition, two elective courses must be completed. This requirement may be satisfied in the following ways:

  • The program will offer an online course in the summer of enrollment demand is sufficient.
  • Students may complete an online course offered through the campus-based MPA Program.
  • Students may transfer a graduate course completed at another academic institution either before or during matriculation in the National Online MPA-IG Program.
  • Students may complete a certification course offered by the Association of Inspectors General, such as the Certified Inspector General course. This option is under development and will be available based on finalization of an external credit agreement between the College and the Association.