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Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

You have a wonderful mind, and by the time you leave college, you should know how to use it. Fierce advocacy requires that you think for yourself, basing decisions on evidence and reliable sources. When you take a stance on a topic, you should be able to clearly explain your point-of-view – and also remain open to understanding different perspectives. The issues we face are rarely as simple as “right” versus “wrong.” There’s plenty of gray area, and critical thinking skills will help you navigate those unclear spaces.

Students who demonstrate critical thinking skills are able to:

  • Make decisions that are ethical.
  • Provide valid evidence for why their decisions are sound and evaluate information to arrive at defensible conclusions.
  • Be open minded and flexible about changes to their decisions.
  • Differentiate between fact and opinion.
  • Acknowledge that things are not always “either/or” or “right or wrong.”