CUNY EDGE- Formerly Known as COPE

CUNY EDGE- Formerly Known as COPE

EDGE Educate. Develop. Graduate. Empower

CUNY EDGE  is part of The Center for Career and Professional Development. CUNY EDGE provides students who recieve Public Asssistance (commonly referred to as HRA Benefits) with a range of services, benefits, and supports so that they succeed in college and in their carrers.

VISION: We envisions a world in which all people have access to the educational opportunities and support they need to realize academic success, a sustainable career, and a brighter future.

MISSION: Our mission is to help CUNY students who are receiving public assistance achieve academic excellence, graduate on time, and find employment.

The vision and mission of the program are demonstrated in our core activities. CUNY EDGE:

  • Offers ongoing academic, personal, and career planning advisement
  • Presents a comprehensive personal and professional development seminar series to assist students with study skills-building, problem-solving, career development, and self- advocacy
  • Connects students to internship, HRA work study, and job opportunities
  • Promotes a culture of academic excellence by offering tutoring services and limited tuition support for intersession and summer classes
  • Collaborates closely with campus offices and programs including academic advisement, SEEK, ACE,  career services, HRA Work Study sites, and Single Stop to get students the help they need


ADVISEMENT: CUNY EDGE provides specialized individual and group advisement to students on Public Assistance for academic, personal and career exploration. We have two full time advisors dedicated to support our students.     

Yelena Meytes LCSW, Program Manager & Advisor for Juniors and Seniors 212-393-6412

Soheila Fortuna, Career Specialist & Advisor for  Freshman and Sophmores  212-393-6890

WORKSHOPS: CUNY EDGE offers ongoing workshops every semester, including winter and summer Intersessions. Our workshops focus on three main topics; Life Skills, Career Development and Financial Fluency.

Worksjops are offered every Tuesday &  Thursday.
Please visit and register for a workshop.
Linda Reals, Life Skills Coach

ATTENDANCE MONITORING: CUNY EDGE is committed to ensuring that our students continue to receive their benefits in compliance to HRA rules and regulations by monitoring their class attendance. The attendance monitor is designated to assist faculty and students to submit attendance in accordance with HRA regulations and deadlines.

Amorita Jones, Attendance Monitor & Program Assistant  646-781-5133

PROGRAM PARTICIPATION:  CUNY EDGE is open to all students recieving Public Assistance which includes Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Safety Net Cash Assistance (SNCA), Safety Net Non Cash Assistance (SNNC)