CUNY Justice Academy Students and PRISM

CUNY Justice Academy Students and PRISM

John Jay partners with community colleges within the CUNY system as part of the CUNY Justice Academy.  If you are a forensics major with the intent to transition from a partner school (QCC, BCC, BMCC, Hostos, or KBCC), then you are eligible to participate in some of PRISM’s activities and to apply to officially be part of the program.

In order to stay on track for your major and get involved in research opportunities early, you should:

  • Use the ePermit system to take any required courses not offered at your home institution.  For many of you, quantitative analysis is one of these courses.
  • Attend outreach events sponsored by PRISM to learn more.  These include lab open houses, lab “shadowing,” guest lectures, seminars, museum outings, and more. 
  • Apply to be considered for a PRISM training session, shortly before your transition or immediately upon transitioning to JJC.

Contact Frances Jiménez, Outreach Coordinator, to discuss your options, and to learn more.

PRISM Contact Information:

Frances Jiménez.
Outreach Coordinator 
Room 05.61.00, New Building