Currency conversions for International Travel

Currency conversions for International Travel

Currency Conversions

When completing the RF Voucher for overseas travel, the traveler lists expenditures in US dollars even if  they were paid in another currency.    In case of an audit, The RF-CUNY needs to have materials one hand showing how the traveler determined the US dollar amount entered on the voucher.

This can be accomplished as follows:

  • For purchases made with a credit card, use the amount of the charge listed on your credit card statement.  (Submit a copy of the statement listing charges along with the original receipts.)
  • For cash purchases, use a currency conversation website that allows you to type in the date of the purchase.  (Submit a print out with the currency conversation for EACH purchase you are claiming.)
  • THE RF-CUNY may reimburse foreign currency conversion fees.  (A letter justifying the expense is required for consideration of this extra cost.)


Currency Converter link(s) that allows you to adjust to the date of transaction