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Emily Anne McDonald to join the faculty of the Department of Anthropology!

We are delighted to welcome anthropologist Professor McDonald who joins us fall, 2014. Professor McDonald received her PhD in Anthropology from Rutgers University, and has just been awarded a $100,000 grant from the National Cancer Institute. Her research interests include the anthropology of embodiment, the politics of health, and everyday experiences of risk.



 Congratulations Corner 


Kudos to our wonderful anthropology faculty Shonna Trinch, Patricia Tovar, and Alisse Waterston:


Shonna Trinch for receiving the 2014 Scholarly Excellence Award 


Patricia Tovar for receiving the Distinguished CUNY Fellowship, Advanced Research Collaborative, ARC at the CUNY Graduate Center.  


Alisse Waterston for receiving the Distinguished Faculty Award of John Jay Alumni Association. 




    Our Faculty Publications: 

New Books

Alisse Waterston’s 2014 book My Father’s Wars: Migration, Memory, and the Violence of a Century. 

Click here for Alisse Waterston's Interview with Adrienne Anifant.


R. Terry Furst’s 2013 book Early Professional Baseball and the Sporting Press.


Recent Articles

Avram Bornstein’s 2012 article (with Sophine Charles, Jannette Domongo and Carmen Solis) “Critical Race Theory Meets the NYPD: An Assessment of Anti-Racist Pedagogy for Police in New York City”   in Journal of Criminal Justice Education  Available in Virtual Issue on Race and Criminal Justice.


Avram Bornstein’s 2013 review of Khalil Gibran Muhammad ‘s “The Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime, and the Making of Modern Urban America” in Transforming Anthropology: Journal of the Association of Black Anthropologists.


Avram Bornstein’s 2013 review of Claudia Liebelt’s “Caring for the ‘Holy Land’: Filipina Domestic Workers in Israel  in American Ethnologist.


Ric Curtis and Anthony Marcus’s forthcoming (2014) article “Implementing Policy for Invisible Populations: Social Work and Social Policy in a Federal Anti-Trafficking Taskforce in the United States”  in Social Policy and Society.


Terry Furst’s 2013 article “Suboxone Misuse along the Opiate Maintenance Treatment Pathway” in Journal of Addictive Diseases.


Elizabeth Hegeman’s 2013 article “Ethnic Syndromes as Disguise for Protest Against Colonialism: Three Ethnographic Examples” in Journal of Trauma & Dissociation.


Hannah Lessinger’s 2013 chapter "Love and Marriage in the Shadow of the Sewing Machine: case studies from Chennai, India” in Marriage in Globalizing Contexts: exploring change and continuity in South Asia  (edited by Rajni Palriwallah and Ravinder Kaur).


Anthony Marcus’s 2013 chapter “Afro-Cubans between the Sword and the Wall: Racism as a Transnational Process” in Anthropology for a Small Planet: Culture and Community in a Global Environment 

(edited by Charles Menzies & Anthony Marcus).


Anthony Marcus and Edward Snajdr’s 2013 Special Issue of Dialectical Anthropology on Anti-anti-trafficking? Toward critical ethnographies of human trafficking


Anthony Marcus’s 2013 chapter (with Yogendra Acharya, Salim Lakha, & Popy Begum“When Sustainability Fails: A Multi-Subject Approach to Assessing Microfinance in Chitwan, Nepal” in Social Entrepreneurship and Microfinance (edited by Jonathan Westover).


Anthony Marcus and Ric Curtis’s forthcoming (2014) article “Implementing Policy for Invisible Populations: Social Work and Social Policy in a Federal Anti-Trafficking Taskforce in the United States  in Social Policy and Society.


Edward Snajdr and Anthony Marcus’s 2013 Special Issue of Dialectical Anthropology on Anti-anti-trafficking? Toward critical ethnographies of human trafficking. 


Edward Snajdr’s 2013 article “Beneath the Master Narrative: Human Trafficking, Myths of Sexual Slavery and Ethnographic Realities  in Dialectical Anthropology.


Patricia Tovar’s 2013 article “Histories, Hysterias and Hysterectomies: Medical Discourses and Imaginaries on Female Reproduction” in Sexuality, Culture and Politics: A South American Reader"


Shonna Trinch’s 2013 article “Recalling Rape: Moving Beyond What We Know” in Legal-Lay Communication: Textual Travels in the Law (edited by Chris Heffer, Frances Rock and John Conley).


Alisse Waterston’s  2013 article “Marriage and Other Arrangements” in Open Anthropology. 


Alisse Waterston’s  2013 article “On Violence” in Open Anthropology. 


Alisse Waterston’s 2013 chapter “Sacred Memory and the Secular World: The Poland Narratives” in War and Peace: Essays on Religion and Violence (edited by Bryan Turner). 


Alisse Waterston’s 2013 essay “Autoethnography” in Theory in Social and Cultural Anthropology (edited by R. Jon McGee and Richard L. Warms).  


Albert Sgambati’s 2014 obituary for Nobel Prize winning novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez Macondo in Mourning. Remembering the Late Gabriel Garcia Marquez.




Past News Items


Professor Kojo Dei (July 1, 1949-November 10, 2013). It is with great sadness we announce the untimely death of our esteemed colleague and good friend, Professor Kojo Dei. Professor Dei received his PhD from Teacher's College, Columbia University, and taught anthropology at John Jay College for more than 20 years.  


“Alisse Waterston’s Harmony” features one of our own in the fall issue of Justice Matters. Please check out the profile of Professor Waterston and a description of her recent accomplishments.






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