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Why I chose to study fraud examination at John Jay College

"I chose John Jay because they have an extensive staff of lawyers, police officers and investigators who have experience in conducting interviews and investigations."

"Fraud examination is a very interesting and exciting profession.  The accounting profession does not seem exciting.  In fact, it seems a bit boring."

"I worked as a staff accountant and became discouraged with doing the same thing everyday, with minimal change. Coming to John Jay gave me the chance to do and study what I enjoy."

"I came to John Jay to study fraud examination because the college transferred all my credits when other colleges wouldn’t."

"I was excited to find out that fraud examiners can work for government agencies to help prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute fraud. Honestly, I was becoming unsatisfied with traditional accounting; not that it is complex, but because I thought it was a bit boring."

"I figured fraud examination is an exciting white collar job where you can work in an office without breaking your back."

"I was always interested in the accounting field. However, I became deeply interested in the forensic side of accounting because I have always been an investigative person and feel fraud examination is a better fit for my skill set."

"First I was a traditional accounting major, but decided fraud examination was more interesting and it gave me more options than just accounting. Besides that, John Jay was willing to transfer all of my credits and Baruch didn’t."

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"Fraud examination blends accounting with law, which seems to be fast becoming a necessity in understanding the myriad of new regulations being set forth in the financial world."

"John Jay had the best financial package deal compared to other universities, including ones in Florida."

"I thought forensic accounting is an interesting field and started researching the subject. The more I read, the more I liked it. Having a degree is very important and being able to serve society is also important to me."

"Forensic accounting is a very interesting field and I transferred to John Jay because it is a nationally recognized CUNY school with affordable tuition. I want to learn about how I can help in the current economic situation we have today. So, I was influenced by the current media (Madoff, Ponzi schemes, etc.) and I wanted to learn more about what it is and how I can help prevent this from recurring."

"I started at John Jay as a freshman studying forensic science, but realized I didn’t want to spend so much time in the lab. I wanted to investigate, but not only in the laboratory. I am interested in working for the FBI investigating financial fraud. John Jay’s program is one of only a few in the world that focuses on fraud."

"I wanted to break out of tradition and follow a different path to join a career in accounting. I didn’t want to spend long hours just working on accounting books and doing accounting paperwork. To me, that’s boring, boring, and more boring. Meanwhile, fraud examiners use their accounting knowledge, but also do such things as investigations, development of fraud prevention programs and more. It can be very interesting and challenging."

"I worked as an accountant for one year and found it a bit boring, but I still liked accounting. I especially like the investigative part of forensic accounting. In addition, John Jay accepted all of my credits from BMCC.”

"I chose John Jay because after visiting the college and learning about the program, I realized I could finish my degree earlier than at other schools and there were many job opportunities in fraud examination. John Jay also has a good history of law enforcement.”

"After graduating with an A.S. in Accounting, I realized that traditional accounting was not what I wanted to do. When I learned about the program at John Jay it immediately peaked my interest. I always had an interest in “follow the money” and I’ve always been interested in white-collar crime. What better place is there to study fraud/crime than a criminal justice college?”


"I have worked in fraud, corruption prevention, and investigation most of my professional life. I was appointed Fiscal Fraud Investigator for the Anti-Corruption Department of a prosecutor’s office and needed to learn more about this important subject. I chose John Jay because of its reputation in the law enforcement community.”

"Obtaining both the CPA and CFE should give me an advantage over my peers who may only obtain the CPA. My internship in a forensic accounting department at a District Attorney’s office cemented my decision to study fraud at John Jay, rather than to follow the more traditional route.”

"I wanted to do something new and different rather than doing the same old things accountants have done for decades.”

"It seemed to be a more colorful major than just accounting. You can still go for your CPA if interested. The major seemed to be one that will have plenty of job opportunities and John Jay accepted all of my transfer courses.”

"Fraud is an expanding crime that has been occurring for the last decade and forensic accountants are in high demand. I enjoy forensics and accounting put together. When I saw the major at John Jay College, I applied immediately and have been enjoying the interesting experience ever since.”

"I wanted to expand my knowledge of accounting practices and learn ways to prevent fraud from occurring. I was a victim of fraud so that also inspired me to pursue this career. I chose John Jay because I wanted something that was different, but felt similar to traditional accounting at the same time.”

"The increases in fraud made me want to follow the demand for forensic accountants.”

"My professor for Intermediate Accounting mentioned she was planning on pursuing a degree in forensic accounting which led me to investigate the career and I concluded that good fraud prevention programs and earlier detection would have kept the Madoff affair, and other frauds, much less damaging.”

"I chose to study fraud examination at John Jay because it incorporated my interest in forensics and legal background.”

"I chose to study fraud at John Jay because I find fraud very interesting and feel that given proper training I could be very effective in this line of work. I work at a bank and my manager instructed me that pursing this field at John Jay would be excellent for my career. I had been informed that John Jay teachers have a very good history and background in the material they teach. I am excited to take this route through John Jay."

"I chose fraud examination because it would be more likely (and easier) for me to find employment in this economy. It should also be a good education for law school if I do ultimately apply."

"I chose to study fraud examination at John Jay College because it is interesting. I didn’t consider a more traditional route to becoming a CPA because that does not seem interesting to me. I also chose to study fraud examination because there will always be fraud and, therefore, there will always be job opportunities."

"The fraud examination program marries finance, accounting, economics and legal fields together to provide maximum job opportunities in a shrinking job market. Fraud examination is also interesting to me and I want to join the fight against fraud and other forms of social injustice."

"John Jay’s program is highly recognized in the anti-fraud profession. I am also interested in law and psychology which is embedded in the curriculum"

"I chose fraud examination here at John Jay because I also have an interest in law. Since there are so many fraud scandals in our day and age, we need to be more conscious of this and try to prevent it as much as possible. It helps to have a “criminal mentality" to be an effective fraud examiner and its cool to beat the fraudsters at their game.”

"Investigating and solving a white collar crime case is much more interesting than accounting."

"I chose to study fraud examination because I have a passion for law and society in addition to my knowledge of accounting."

"I chose the field of study because it is a relatively new field and the demand for forensic accountants is likely to be strong. I really enjoy working with people who commit fraud and learning how they did it and how they got caught."

"I enjoy solving crimes, but don’t want to put myself in harms way. Forensic accountants get to help solve crimes without the danger and also get paid more than police officers."

"I decided to study this path because of my experience at work where management used the budget in unethical ways and employees, including management, steal and then misrepresent financial statements. It is important to know how to detect, deter and prevent fraud."

"Once I found out about the specialization in forensic financial analysis, I immediately changed my major to concentrate on fraud because this sounds like an interesting and fulfilling career."

"Forensic accounting will be in high demand since stealing in not going to stop."

"I am intrigued at studying from the point of view of how it can be misused as well as how it can be used appropriately. Approaching the subject from both directions would give me a better mastery over it."

"The fraud examination concentration seems to be very interesting compared to traditional accounting."

"I can incorporate forensic accounting into computer science."

"A lot of people from different countries, such as Nigeria, are corrupt and get away with it. We need to study fraud examination in order for us to stop it."

"After completing my accounting internship, I realized that traditional accounting was not for me. Fraud examination is a perfect way of combining my interest in both accounting and criminal justice."

"I chose this major for the ability and opportunity to study law, economics, government and business at the same time."

"I chose to transfer to John Jay because I had fraud committed against me and my family members. When I heard about this program I said, “WOW!” this seems like a very good career move. I worked as a junior accountant and it was a very boring job. I need something new and fresh in my life and I think fraud examination is great. I would love to help people and companies put an end to their fraud problems."

"I took many accounting courses and found it really boring. Balancing accounts and doing the same thing over and over again was just plain boring. On the other hand, fraud examination is much more interesting. It is interesting to learn how people get away with fraud, but eventually get caught by fraud examiners."

"In my textbook on understanding business at Baruch, I read about forensic accounting and I found it really interesting. I did research about it and discovered that John Jay has a major for it and decided that this degree would fit my career interests. I also like that it only takes four years of college to become a CFE, rather than five years to become a CPA."

"Fraud is a big issue in the United States. Being able to investigate fraud should help stop people from committing it."






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