The Department of Economics
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The Department of Economics is one of the newest academic departments at John Jay College. The department hosts one of the newest undergraduate majors at the college, The Bachelor of Science in Economics with specializations in Economic Analysis, Investigation of Economic Crimes, and Forensic Financial Analysis. Economics is the study of how people and societies use their scarce resources to satisfy their unlimited wants. Our program provides students with comprehensive training in economic analysis including microeconomics, macroeconomics, and accounting. It utilizes this training in standard economic problems as well as in the global web of legal and illegal economic relationships. Our unique major applies the techniques of economic analysis to contemporary challenges including crime, social justice, environmental protection, economic wellbeing, and the investigation of fraud and corruption. The department also offers a Minor in Economics for undergraduates who wish to complement other areas of study. Our faculty includes a robust and growing group of economists and accountants who teach in both the undergraduate economics program as well as in the master’s of public administration program.


Jay Hamilton, Chairperson
445 West 59th Street, Room 3505N, New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212.237.8093, Email: