The Department of Economics


Bachelor of Science in Economics
Economics is the study of how people and societies make choices to accomplish individual and social purposes. In this major, students learn about individual, national and global economic behavior, and then apply theoretical insights and methods of analysis to contemporary challenges involving crime, social justice, and the investigation of fraud and corruption. Students choose from three specializations: Economic Analysis, Investigation of Economic Crimes, or Forensic Financial Analysis. (Prerequisites & Requirements, Admissions)
Faculty Advisor: Catherine Mulder, 212-484-1309
Faculty Advisor for the specialization in Forensic Financial Analysis: Randy LaSalle, 212.484.1308

Minor in Economics
Economics courses provide students with an opportunity to develop critical and analytical skills that will improve their performance in other courses and professional pursuits. These include understanding graphs and charts, employing statistical analysis, using cost-benefit analysis, evaluating different theoretical perspectives and developing professional presentation and writing skills. (Requirements, Admissions)
Faculty Advisor: Catherine Mulder, 212-484-1309

About Forensic Financial Analysis

The Forensic Financial Analysis Specialization is an interdisciplinary program of study that seeks to integrate knowledge of economics, law, criminal justice and accounting. The purpose is to obtain a more comprehensive view of fraud that extends beyond the limited framework of any single disciplinary framework. Faculty Advisor: Randall LaSalle, 212.484.1308


Jay Hamilton, Chairperson
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