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EAP 121  English for Academic Purposes (For Non-Native Speakers of English)
This high intermediate "content-based" ESOL course reviews sentence structure and works towards perfecting English paragraph composition. Students learn to draft simple narratives. Journals are required in response to all readings, which are carefully selected literary pieces on sociological topics. The course stresses grammar, reading, and writing skills development, using readings that emphasize sociological themes, situations, and terminology.

EAP 131  Advanced English for Academic Purposes (For Non-Native Speakers of English)
This course is the second and last in the English Department's ESOL sequence. It prepares students for ENG 100 and ENG 101 by offering intensive instruction in grammar, reading, and writing skills development. The course incorporates readings with criminal justice themes and asks students to analyze them both orally and in writing. Students will progress from simple to more sophisticated narratives and ultimately write an argumentative essay.

ENGW 100  Inquires in Literacy: a Writing-Intensive Course in the Issues and Practices of Literacy
This course introduces students to the literacy skills, habits, and conventions necessary to success at the college-level work. While offering students techniques and practice of invention and revision, the course also teaches the students the historical, educational, or literary aspects of literacy as a scholarly topic. For example, students may study issues of prison literacy, educational policies of literacy, or representations of literacy in literature.

ENG 101  Exploration and Authorship: An Inquiry-based Writing Course
This course introduces students to the skills, habits, and conventions necessary to prepare inquiry-based research for college. While offering students techniques and practices of invention and revision, this theme-based composition course teaches students the expectations of college-level research, academic devices for exploring ideas, and rhetorical strategies for completing investigative writing. Students prepare a sequence of prescribed assignments that culminate in a final research paper. These assignments provide small manageable task that explore the process of the normally overwhelming research paper. The course grade is based on the quality of revised writing in a final portfolio.

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ENG 201  Disciplinary Investigations: Exploring Writing across the Disciplines
This introduces students to the rhetorical characteristics and writing styles from across the disciplines. Instructors choose a single theme and provide students with reading and writing assignments that address the differing literacy conventions and processes of diverse fields. Students learn how to apply their accumulated repertoire of aptitudes and abilities to the writing situations presented to them from across the disciplines.

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