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With a distinguished faculty of internationally known scholars who are committed to excellence in teaching, the History Department of John Jay College offers a wide array of foundational and specialized courses that provide students with an understanding of people, society, values, and the processes of change. The study of history is an essential component of a liberal arts education and is beneficial to any course of study and career objective. Our courses are designed both to enhance analytical, research, and critical thinking skills, and to provide our students with a historical context for evaluating and assessing contemporary issues. At John Jay College, the study of history also encompasses the study of justice with courses that focus on such topics as the history of violence, crime, police, immigration, and the law. Specific courses examine: violence and social change in the United States; the history of crime in New York City; American legal history; the history of policing in Western society; immigration and ethnicity; the development of political institutions in the United States; and the history of terrorism. The department offers a Major in Global History and a Minor in History, and courses taught by members of the History Department play an important role in the Justice Studies major, the Government major, and inter alia in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program, a program that links the insights provided by the study of the humanities with the methods of the social sciences. Members of our faculty also teach in the History Doctoral Program at The City University of New York Graduate Center.

Allison Kavey, Chairperson
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