The Department of History



All of our majors and minors develop the following skills:


Historical Reasoning Skills

A. Recognize and apply different historical approaches.

B. Formulate historical questions.

C. Explain the significance of different kinds of historical change.

D. Evaluate the reliability and usefulness of different forms of historical evidence.

E. Construct a historical argument grounded in evidence from primary and/or secondary sources.


Content Skills

A. Locate events and sources in historical context.

B. Trace historical trajectories.

C. Determine the interrelationship among themese, regions, and periodization. 

Bachelor of Arts in Global History
The Global History major is derived from the discipline of global history, which emphasizes interactions and collisions between and among cultures. The major offers undergraduates the chance to become specialists in their chosen period of the history of the world, either prehistory-500 CE, 500-1650, or 1650-the present. After completing the required three-part survey in global history, students choose the period that most interests them and pursue electives and research topics from it. Electives cover a wide range of topics, but all of them embrace the principles of global history rather than producing students with a narrow and specialized geographic focus. The required skills courses introduce students to the major schools of historical thought, varied techniques and approaches to doing historical research, and provide them with the opportunity to do original research in their capstone seminars. Honors students will have the opportunity to produce a senior thesis over the course of their final year of study under the guidance of a faculty mentor. (Requirements and Courses, Admissions)
Advisor: Professor Anissa Helie, Department of History, 646.557.4646,

Minor in History
The Department of History offers students the opportunity to earn a minor in history by completing 18 credits (six courses) in the department. The first 6 credits form the core of the minor and encompass the general education requirement in history, HIS 231 and HIS 232. The study of history supports the analytical skills desired by many graduate programs, including law schools, by teaching students to evaluate evidence and to present and defend arguments about historical change based on evidence. (Requirements, Admissions Information)
Minor Advisor:Professor Michael Pfeifer, 212.237.8856

  Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies (Humanities and Justice)
The justice studies major offers students the opportunity to explore fundamental questions about justice from a humanistic interdisciplinary perspective. Rooted in history, literature, and philosophy, justice studies prepares students for basic inquiry and advanced research into issues of justice as well as broader problems of social morality and equity. (Prerequisites & Requirements, Admissions Information)
Advisor and Program Coordinator: Professor Amie Macdonald, Philosophy Department, 212.237.8345

Allison Kavey, Chairperson
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