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McDougall, Sara

Assistant Professor



2009-2010 -  Gotlieb Fellow in Legal History, NYU School of Law

2009          -   PhD Yale University

2003           -  BA/MA Boston University

Sara McDougall is a specialist in late-medieval French history, and is especially interested in the interaction of law, theology, and culture in pre-modern societies.  Her research and writing have focused principally on the application and effects of canon law on women and families in pre-modern Europe. Her long-term goals include extending this line of inquiry by following the spread of Christianity into the Americas,Africa, and Asia. Her publications include “Bigamy: A Male Crime in Medieval Europe?”, “The Punishment of Bigamy in Late-Medieval Troyes,” and “The Prosecution of Sex in Late Medieval Troyes”.She is currently writing a book: Holy Monogamy: Marriage and Identity at the End of the Middle Ages. 

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