The Department of Law, Police Science and Criminal Justice Administration



Fall 2014 Schedule for incoming Freshmen
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Fall 2014 Schedule for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors
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For individual section descriptions, please see below:

ISP 335:01 and 02: Violence in the Pursuit of Justice
Conflict: Inequality, Ideas, and Solutions, click here 

ISP 255:01: Technology and Culture
Environmental Crisis and Human Responsibility, click here 

ISP 255 (LC20 or LC21): Technology and Culture
ISP 224 (LC22 or LC23): Constructions of Difference
ISP 236 (LC20 or LC22): Truth and Creativity (online)
ISP 273 (LC21 or LC23): The Stories We Tell (online)
The Philosophy of Revenge: Reading Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, click here 

ISP 321:01 and 02: Moral, Legal and Ethical Dilemmas
Adam and Eve and the Law, click here 

ISP 321:05 and 06: Moral, Legal and Ethical Dilemmas
The Substance of Substance Abuse, click here

ISP 255:04 and 05: Technology and Culture
NUKES! The Atom Bomb in Science, Society and Culture, click here 

ISP 321:03 and 04: Moral, Legal and Ethical Dilemmas
Seeing Rape, click here 

ISP 255:06 and 07: Technology and Culture:
Uptown, Downtown: Cities, Maps and Identities, click here 

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