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The John Jay -Vera Fellows Program provides a unique two-semester internship, academic experience and a $3,000 stipend ($1,500 per semester) for outstanding undergraduate students at John Jay College who have a demonstrated commitment to social justice and public service.

  • Applications are available at the Interdisciplinary Studies Program Office, Room 6.65 NB
  • For more information, please contact Prof. Abby Stein at

The John Jay-Vera Fellows Program is a collaborative project between John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the Vera Institute of Justice, and Vera's spinoff agencies. Students in the program will work in agencies that seek to improve the administration of justice, influence public policy, conduct research, and deliver a range of social services at the same time they are taking specially-designed theme-based seminars with John Jay's outstanding Interdisciplinary Studies Program (ISP) faculty.

Vera Fellows intern approximately 10 hours/week, for two semesters, with one or two of the host agencies, and they attend a coordinated two-hour weekly seminar taught by three John Jay faculty members from the College's Interdisciplinary Study Program. The Fellows receive 6 academic credits (3 per semester) and a $3,000 stipend ($1,500 per semester) for their commitment and service in this program.

Undergraduate students at John Jay who have the following qualifications may apply:

  • 60 complete credits or more as of the Fall of the year they begin the program;
  • GPA of 3.3 (B+) or better;
  • Demonstrated interest and commitment to social justice and public service;
  • Commitment to fulfill all requirements of the internship and the academic seminar; and
  • Have completed an application that includes an essay and two references.