The Department of Political Science
About Us

The Department of Political Science at John Jay College offers programs designed to enhance students' knowledge of politics, policy, governance, and government ranging from a global to a local perspective. The Department plays a central role within the John Jay community in highlighting issues of key importance to the College's mission like public affairs, public service, and citizenship. Committed to research, scholarship, teaching, and mentoring a diverse student population, our faculty consists of nationally and internationally prominent scholars in areas such as comparative politics, human rights, international relations, judicial behavior, law and society, political theory, and national and urban politics and policy. The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (formerly Government) introduces students to the principal fields of inquiry in political science and provides excellent preparation for graduate school, law school, public service, nonprofit and private-sector careers.  The Political Science Department is also responsible for the Law and Society Major and shares responsibility for the International Criminal Justice Major and participates in CUNY's Political Science and Criminal Justice doctoral programs. The Department offers a Political Science and Human Rights minor, and sponsors public affairs internships in New York City, Albany, and Washington, DC. .

James Cauthen, Chairperson
524 West 59th Street, Room 9.65.08 New Building, New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212.237.8193, Email: