The Department of Political Science

Bachelor's of Arts in Political Science
The major in Political Science (formerly Government) introduces students to the principal fields of inquiry in political science. This major provides a program of study for students considering careers in a variety of fields, including public service, law, community affairs, international relations and politics. Students may select from four concentrations-of-choice: Law, Policy and Society, which explores the intersection of the legal system and the general society; Justice and Politics, which examines the political philosophy and various societal values that underlie contemporary views of justice; Urban Affairs and Community Leadership, which emphasizes the role of political institutions in shaping solutions to contemporary urban problems; and Comparative/International Politics and Human Rights, which explores the global dimensions of politics and governance. (Prerequisites, Concentrations, Admissions)

Advisors: Professor Harold Sullivan, 212.237.8194
               Professor Monica Varsanyi, 212.237.8232


   Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society 

 The Law and Society major offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of law and legal institutions, their impact on society, and society's impact on them.  The m ajor is organized around the central theme of understanding law as an instrument of political and social change and questions concerning how law matters in people's lives; how law and law-like systems of rules empower and constraing individuals, groups, organizations and communities; and how the structures and values in social institutions shape and are shaped by law. (Prerequisites and Requirements, Admissions)

Advisor: Professor James Cauthen, 212- 237-8193


Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies
The major in legal studies is designed to provide students with knowledge of legal processes and the administration of law. It offers preparation for careers in a wide variety of fields: criminal justice, governmental service, journalism and politics. It is also an appropriate field of study for application to graduate or professional schools. (Prerequisites and Requirements, Admissions)

Advisor: Professor Joshua Wilson, 646.557.4615

Minor in Political Science
Earning a government minor for students who majored in criminal justice, international criminal justice, or legal studies demonstrates to graduate and professional schools and/or potential employers that students have also had substantial exposure to the discipline of political science in their undergraduate studies. (Prerequisites: The government minor consists of POL 101 and any 15 additional credits of government courses.

Advisors: Professor Harold Sullivan, 212.237.8194
               Professor Monica Varsanyi, 212.237.8232

Bachelor of Arts in International Criminal Justice
The major in international criminal justice introduces students to the nature and cause of crime at the international level and to the mechanism for its prevention and control. Components of the criminal justice system as they apply to transnational and international crime are studied, as well as the impact of international law and human rights in addressing crimes against humanity. The major is intended to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for careers in which the globalization of crime plays an important role. It also is designed to prepare students for advanced work in graduate and professional school.(Prerequisites & Requirements, Admissions Information) For the ICJ FAQ's, click here.

Coordinator: Professor Peter Romaniuk, 212.237.8189  


James Cauthen, Chairperson
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