The Department of Political Science
Political Science Major & Minor

The political science major at John Jay (formerly the government major) introduces students to the principal fields of inquiry in political science. With a special commitment to criminal justice and public service, the government major permits students to explore in depth the links between the study of political science and the study of law and justice. To refine their course of study, students can choose among four concentrations (see the academics section). The Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science helps prepare students to assume positions of leadership in their communities and gives them the opportunity to strengthen their understanding of the relationship between political action and the quality of life within the communities in which we live and work. As globalization increasingly presents us with both challenges and opportunities, the government major also affords students the chance to explore international relations and other political and social systems.

The Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science) is an excellent preparation for government service and employment in community agencies and interest groups. It also provides a solid foundation for those who wish to attend law school. A survey of law school admissions officers in the New York metropolitan area conducted by the College’s Counseling Department concluded that of all majors available at John Jay, government was preferred as preparation for law school. The political science degree also provides an excellent liberal arts undergraduate preparation for advanced degrees in criminal justice, international relations, political science, and public administration.

Any student currently enrolled at John Jay College is free to adopt the political science major. Students currently majoring in criminal justice, criminal justice administration and planning, legal studies, or public administration will find that many of their courses in those majors are also included in the political science major. To change to the political science major, all you have to do is go to the Registrar's Office and ask to change your major. Come to Department of Political Science, Room 3230N, where any faculty member can advise you. 

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