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The Center for Private Security and Safety


Education and training of security professionals and practitioners is an ongoing issue for the industry and the academic disciplines which study and analyze the security industry. It must be remembered that security education and training is still a relatively young academic discipline and that there are a host of opportunities for educational institutions to provide services to the academic and practitioner communities. At John Jay College, the department of Security, Fire and Emergency Management, is the perfect structure for the delivery of short term, professional education for the practitioner marketplace. The department concludes that our intellectual orientation uniquely qualifies it for this sort of delivery, therefore we have developed a center with an initial emphasize on education and training for security management professionals, senior leadership positions and CSO’s in both the private and public sectors, as well as students and entry level employees who will benefit from the superior level of education and training this new center will provide.


Although there are other industry organizations that offer education and training programs, this centers dedicated mission and primary focus will be to leverage the significant academic background of participating educators and create a far superior learning environment for the industry. Furthermore, offering education and training to a specific target group or to an identified corporation will establish uniqueness and John Jay’s preeminence in the marketplace with its ability to deliver programs both residentially and online.

Mission Statement

The Center for Private Security and Safety is dedicated to professionalization of the private security industry and its aligned safety constituencies in fire and emergency management. The center is designed to developing joint partnerships with both the public and private safety providers and to serving the corporate and industrial complex and institutions in need of asset and personal protection. The center will design and deliver professional education and training programs, short term segment training and certificate programs to communities of practice in both a residential and online format, edit and publish a journal, offer relevant white papers, monitor and advise on changes to particular state industry mandates and actively contribute to the development of “best practices” for the private security industry at the local, state, national and international level. It will build relationships and partnerships with other institutions, organizations and groups in the U.S. and abroad and support projects and activates consistent with the goals and objectives of the security and security related industry.


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