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The Center for Private Security and Safety, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, is delighted to announce new and exciting partnership with the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute.

The Center for Private Security and Safety is dedicated to the professionalization of the private security industry and its aligned safety constituencies in fire and emergency management. The Center aims to develop joint partnerships with both public and private safety providers, as well as aiming to serve the training requirements of both corporate and industrial institutions.

The S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute has been in existence since 1998, and has trained thousands of security, intelligence, and law enforcement professionals in critical public safety topics. With a staff of world-class instructors, S2 has earned a reputation as one of the nation's premier sources for security and public safety training.

S2 provide traditional classroom instruction and hands-on training at their three locations in Florida and at host locations throughout the United States. Through their sister company, the S2 Online Academy, they also deliver high quality distance education to students throughout the world. Qualifying students represent hundreds of corporations and government organizations. Some examples of S2’s clients include the Federal Bureau of Prisons, US Capitol Police, US Department of Justice, and US Special Operations Command.

The partnership of pooled resources is already showing practical benefits. The Center for Private Security and Safety is now in a position to offer more holistic professional courses that have hitherto been too resource intensive. The first course on offer will be: ‘ANTI-TERRORISM OFFICER (ATO) COURSE’, which will run over three consecutive days: 28-30 October 2013. Located in the John Jay College campus, this course is designed to prepare security and law enforcement professionals for assignments involving the protection of facilities against terrorist attack. This program provides a detailed exploration of contemporary terrorist methods and essential skills and knowledge that all anti-terrorism personnel should possess. Likely interested students will come from areas such as Security Officers, Security Directors, Military Force Protection Personnel, Police Officers Assigned to Anti-Terrorism Activities, and Students interested in a career in these fields.

You can visit the John Jay College / S2 Safety and Intelligence Institute Web Portal by clicking here.



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