The Department of SEEK

John Jay College SEEK students describe their success with tutoring at the SEEK Academic Support Center. The Center provides support to students in Basic Skills, General Education and Advanced Level college courses.

Keisha Sutton James, honors her grandfather Percy E. Sutton, founder of the SEEK Program at the 2012 SEEK Awards Dinner.






The SEEK program, (Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge), which in 2011 was renamed, The Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program, is a four-year program established by the New York State Legislature for the senior colleges of the City University of New York to provide access to higher education for promising high school graduates who are not fully prepared, but have demonstrated the potential to pursue undergraduate degrees at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.


Several factors are considered in determining eligibility for admission. Applicants must first meet the program requirements to receive Financial Aid. New York State residency and   students' test scores are also important factors.  Entering SEEK students take placement tests to measure their competence in Reading, Writing and Mathematics and determine placement.


SEEK students receive year round support services and throughout the course of study. Faculty work closely with key departments to help monitor students' skills development across the curriculum. Counselors and staff provide personal advisement as well as information on program and college services, regulations and resources. Tutorial services and financial assistance are also provided.

Summer Academy

 A cornerstone of the SEEK Program is the annual Summer Academy Program for incoming freshmen. The goals of the Summer Academy are:

  • To prepare students to become “Skills Certified”, which means successful completion of Reading, Writing and Mathematics Courses
  • To give students a head start in their college level courses
  • To orient student to the SEEK staff, program expectations and services
  • To educate students about  John Jay College Life, College resources and opportunities


     Preparation classes in Reading, Writing and Algebra are provided for students who do not achieve passing scores in one of more of their placement tests. SEEK students also enroll in courses that are part of the general college curriculum. The ultimate goal of the SEEK Program is successful completion of academic study while insuring that SEEK students are active participants in campus life and integrated fully into the John Jay College community. 

    Student Life

    Students who are accepted into the SEEK Program are welcomed into a close-knit community. Students have a choice of social and academic activities year round; and we encourage all to participate. Our students also enjoy all of the benefits of student life at John Jay, including membership in student organizations, athletics and honors programs.




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