Direct Admissions

Direct Admissions

December 1st-December 14th

What is Direct Admission?

Direct Admission is your opportunity to meet one-on-one with an Admissions Advisor and receive an immediate admissions decision. Through this process the advisor will review your academic history, determine your eligibility, and if eligible, will provide you with an acceptance e-mail and instructions on how to finalize your enrollment and register for your classes.


Who can apply through Direct Admission?

Only transfer students who were educated in the U.S. can apply through this process.  International students on an F-1 visa are eligible for direct admission.  To schedule an appointment, contact International Admissions at


What should I bring?

All transfer students wishing to apply must: 

  • Provide official transcripts from all colleges attended (student copies or printouts will not be accepted)
  • Provide official high school diploma/high school equivalency (GED or TASC)
  • A non-refundable application fee of $70 (payable by credit/debit card, or by check or money order)
  • {All transfer students wishing to apply for direct admissions must meet the Transfer Admissions Requirements}

If you would like to meet with an admissions professional, just click the button below to schedule your appointment.

Direct Admission Appointments

Direct Admissions FAQ


  • If I come at the last day of direct admissions, will I be accepted automatically?
    If you make an appointment during the direct admit processing period, December 1 – December 14, you will be admitted if you meet the academic criteria and if there is still room in the entering class.  
    Courses for the upcoming semester will be available at the time of registration. 
  • If accepted, when will I be able to register?
    If accepted, a credit evaluation will take a few weeks to be completed.  Once a credit evaluation is completed, you will receive email notification with registration instructions. Generally speaking, if admissible to the college and space is available, you will register in mid-late January. 
  • Should I make an appointment or should come directly to the office with my documents?
    It is required that you make an appointment to speak with an admissions counselor.  We will not schedule appointments over the phone.
  • If I owe my previous school money, will I still be accepted as a direct admission applicant?
    In order for your application to be reviewed and processed, you must provide all official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended.
  • Will all of my credits be accepted?
    For CUNY colleges, every credit is transferable for courses with a passing grade.  For non-CUNY colleges, a C or better is required.  Please visit our webpage, Transfer and Advanced Standing Credits for more information.
  • If I am missing a transcript from one of my colleges, will I be processed as a direct admits?
    You must submit all official transcripts from all colleges attended in order to be reviewed through the direct admission process. We will not accept student/unofficial copies.