Dr. Delores Jones-Brown

Delores Jones-Brown
Phone number: 212.237.8390
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Dr. Delores Jones-Brown is a Professor in the Department of Law, Police Science and Criminal Justice Administration at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York.  She is the founding director of the John Jay College Center on Race, Crime and Justice where she currently serves as faculty research fellow.  Her areas of research and scholarship include: race, crime and the administration of justice, police-community relations, juvenile justice, and the legal socialization of adolescent males.  Her book, Race, Crime and Punishment, won a New York Public Library award in 2001.  In addition to multiple articles, book chapters and legal commentaries, she is the co-editor of two additional books:  The System in Black and White:  Exploring the Connections between Race, Crime and Justice (Praeger, 2000) and Policing and Minority Communities: Bridging the Gap (Prentice Hall, 2004). 

Prof. Jones-Brown holds a joint Masters in Criminal Justice and Juris Doctor from Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice and Rutgers Law School-Newark. She completed her doctorate in Criminal Justice at Rutgers Graduate School-Newark in 1996.  Her undergraduate degree is from Howard University, Washington, DC in Sociology and the Administration of Justice.  Her post-doctoral studies which examined the relationship between African American males, schools and delinquency were completed in the Department of Health and Behavioral Studies at Teachers College, Columbia University and in the Behavioral Sciences Training Program at the National Development and Research Institutes.

In addition to her career as an academic, Dr.Jones-Brown has spent time as a criminal justice practitioner in multiple areas, including prosecution, community-based and institutional corrections and program development for court-involved youth. She continues to be involved with the development of law and justice-related education for middle schools and high schools.