Distinguished Professor, Professor Emeritus/Emerita

Distinguished Professor, Professor Emeritus/Emerita

Distinguished Professor

The title of Distinguished Professor is conferred on an individual by the University Board of Trustees in recognition of exceptional scholarly achievement. The purpose of these appointments is to recruit new faculty or retain existing faculty whose appointments enrich the University, especially when candidates require special incentives to influence their decision to accept an offer or to remain within the University. These appointments are expected to contribute to CUNY’s commitment to recruit and retain an excellent faculty representing a rich diversity of gender and ethnicity.

--Board of Trustees Policy 5.062  Distinguished Professors, Revised June 26, 2017

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Professor Emeritus/Emerita

The title of Professor Emeritus shall be automatically conferred upon all full professors who have honorably retired after a period of service in the institution of more than ten years.
In addition, individuals holding professorial titles who have honorably retired may also be designated as "emeritus" in their professional title, regardless of the period of service, if the college president agrees with the affirmative recommendation of the relevant department personnel and budget committee and the college personnel and budget committee.
--Policy 5.17 Professor Emeritus,Board of Trustees Minutes,1942,11-16,102.
Amended: Board of Trustees Minutes,2015,01-26,4,A
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