Donate to the Pre-Law Institute

Donate to the Pre-Law Institute



Charles Davidson

Taking its mandate from John Jay College’s mission, Educating for Justice, the Pre-Law Institute prepares John Jay College students and alumni to successfully enter law school and the legal profession. The Pre-Law Institute supports this movement by crafting academic skill-building programs and professional development initiatives and by emphasizing early and intensive student engagement in developing the analytic and critical writing skills that students will need to perform optimally as law school applicants and as law students.  


  • John Jay College was named one of the top five most multicultural and inclusive colleges by The Wall Street Journal.
  • Our diverse student body is 47% Hispanic, 17% Black, 10% Asian.
  • 47% are first- generation students.
  • More than half of our students come from families with an annual income of less than $30,000 per year.


  • The Law School Admissions Council ranked John Jay College as one of the nation’s top producers of minority and Hispanic law school applicants.
  • Over 100 PLI alumni are enrolled in law school each year. Law school acceptances include: Harvard Law, Georgetown, CUNY Law and Howard University School of Law.
  • PLI hosted 80 workshops and programs more than 1,600 students in 2017.
  • PLI has seven academic advisors who provide pre-law advisement.



Partner with PLI to help prepare the next generation of legal minds.

Help Students Get Hands-On Experience
PLI assists students in obtaining practical internship experience in a varied range of legal settings including local and state government and the non-profit sector. Internships enrich a student’s undergraduate experience and can help launch their post-graduate career. However, many students who are providers for their family are forced to forgo internship opportunities if they are unpaid. 69% of John Jay College students provide care for loved ones and family members and 25% of them work 20+ hours a week.

Provide the Prep
While preparation for the LSAT exam is a necessary prerequisite to gain admission to law school, the cost of a comprehensive LSAT prep program is a major barrier. The Pre-Law Institute (PLI) works with Nelson Test Prep to offer a distinct advantage to John Jay College students and alumni. The test preparation module offers 22 sessions and seven diagnostic exams (unparalleled by any other LSAT prep course). Your support provides economically disadvantaged students with study materials and full registration for the six-week course.

Fund an Intensive PLI Boot Camp
The PLI Boot camps are intensive weeklong academic skill-building programs that assist students in developing critical thinking, research and writing skills that they will need to perform optimally on the LSAT and in law school. An average of 150 students attend a Boot camp each academic year. Your support provides meals, transportation, instructor fees and course materials for the four day intensive.

Sponsor the PLI Speaker Series
Your sponsorship of the PLI Speaker series facilitates hosting legal practitioners, law school admissions representatives, deans of students and financial aid officers for hour-long intimate conversations with pre-law students. Summer sessions often include “Lunch with a Law Professor” and other networking events. Visits to law schools and firms are also coordinated each semester.