DRC - Compendium of Working Research Papers

DRC - Compendium of Working Research Papers

Research Papers by Past Mini-Grant Recipients

An Emerging Research Agenda for the 21st Century

Part One: Dispute Resolution and Cultural Diversity

Reflections on Mediation in the African American Community: Cultural Diversity and the Need for

an Alternative Model

Lynn Hurdle-Price

An Investigation of Conflicts Involving Asian and Asian American College Students

Nancy Duke S. Lay & Elvira Tarr

Italian American Students at CUNY: An Exploratory Study of Interpersonal Conflict and Student Development

Nancy L. Ziehler & Maria Grace LaRusso

Native Peace Council: Alternative Dispute Resolution-Mediation Project

Kent Lebsock & Tonya Gonnella Frichner

Intercultural Coalition Building: Human Rights, Civil Rights, and Women’s Status in Israel

Ilsa M. Glaser

Part Two: Dispute Resolution in School Based Settings

A Study of the Applicability of Conflict Management Principles to School-Age Children

Jill Bellinson

Conflict Resolution in an Elementary Public School

Nancy Benignus

Adolescent Attitudes Toward the Police

David E. Brandt & Keith A. Markus

A Report from “City High”: A Critique of Crisis Management in Confronting the Gang Problem

David Brotherton

Reducing Interpersonal Conflict Among Inner-City Youth

Beth Spencer Rosenthal

Part Three: Dispute Resolution in the Workplace

Level of Emotion and the Resolution of Disputes

Charles Bahn

Conflicted Helping: The Mediator Role of Social Work Discharge Planners in a Rapidly Changing

Health Care Environment

Joanne Levine

Part Four: Dispute Resolution and Public Policy

Community Conflicts and Residential Desegregation: The Outcomes of Civil Rights Events, 1955-1965

M. Herbert Danzger

A Directory of Prisoner Empowerment Programs in New York State

Natalie J. Sokoloff