Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy

Educational Curriculum Philosophy

At the Children's Center of John Jay College, Inc. we implement a research based developmentally appropriate High/Scope Curriculum from Infants - Pre-school age.  The High Scope Curriculum is a comprehensive method for contributing to the development of young children. Its features include a daily routine that encourages children to learn actively, a set of key child development experiences, child observation technique and emphasis on parent involvement and professional development. 

The High/Scope Curriculum is divided into four key components: Daily Routine: Learning Environment: Adult-Child Interaction: Assessment.  High/Scope's key ingredient is active learning.  In order to create a setting where children learn actively, a consistent daily routine is essential to support active learning.

The adherence to routine gives children the control necessary to develop a sense of responsibility and to enjoy the experience of being independent.  The High/Scope's daily routine has several other key elements such as planning, worktime, clean-up and recall time.  Parts of the daily routine also include small and large groups, physical/gross motor development and story time.  Worktime is generally the most active time of the day and key to adult- child observation and interactions.  For adults, developing a plan with children provides children opportunities for exploration and will help gage the child's level of development and thinking style.  Adult-child interaction occurs repeatedly throughout the daily routine, thus allowing adults to guide children, assist them in problem solving, and critical thinking skills.

Child progress is centered around key developmental indicators from birth-preschool age groups that aid caregivers in the recording of child observations, assessments and progress reports.  Key experiences are a way of helping adults support and extend the child's self-designed activity so that the developmentally appropriate experiences and growth are constantly available to the child.  They provide a way of thinking about curriculum, learning through realistic objects and experiences, children's individuality and interests. 

The areas are defined as social relations, creative representation, music and movement, language and literacy, logic and mathematics.  High/Scope allows for both teacher-directed and child-initiated learning experiences.   Our teachers utilize one of the most up to date curriculum model software, COR Advantage.  The COR Advantage system allows teachers to track child observations, prepare developmentally appropriate lessons, develop progress reports and assessments, view helpful articles and newsletters and promote parent involvement and engagement.  Here at the Children's Center we are proud to say that High/Scope prepares children for school readiness and the world around them. 

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