Prospective Students

How to Apply

Admissions into the SEEK program is part of the CUNY admissions process. Applicants must complete the Special Program SEEK and College Discovery section of the CUNY Freshman admissions application online at:  http://www.cuny.edu/apply  

Program Eligibility

To be considered for admissions into the Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program, a prospective student must have the following:

To be considered for the SEEK program, applicants must:

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • Complete the NYS Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) application

  • Be a NYS resident (parent(s) of dependent students must also be residents)

  • Document household size and family income from all sources in 2015


Some of the benefits SEEK students receive from a financial aid perspective:

  • SEEK students are eligible to receive a maximum of ten (10) semesters of TAP (two extra semesters)
  • SEEK students may receive a grant to pay their CUNY fees. (Currently $115.20/semester)*
  • SEEK students may receive a grant for books and supplies. (Currently $600.00/semester)*


Admission to the Percy Ellis SEEK Sutton Program is conditional until the following requirements have been met:

  • Taken the University basic skills assessment test in reading, writing, and mathematics unless you are exempted based on your SAT and/or Regents scores;
  • Provided required documents that prove your economic eligibility for SEEK;
  • Successfully completed the Mandatory SEEK Summer Academy


      All applicants to the Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK program must meet the economic criteria listed below established by NYS guidelines.  Other criteria may be required and may vary by individual college. 

Text Box: Persons in        Maximum
 Household      2015 income*
       1                $21,978
       2                $29,637 
       3                $37,296               
       4                $44,955
       5                $52,614
       6                $60,273
       7                $67,951
       8                $75,647