Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities


For full-time employment opportunities with the Public Safety Department, please click on the link below and select the upcoming civil service exams titled Campus Peace Officer and/or Campus Security Assistant: http://www.cuny.edu/employment/civil-service.html


Part-time Campus Security Assistant (CSA) positions are also available with the Public Safety Department. If interested, please visit the Public Safety Office, L2.61, for an application or email your resume to publicsafetyresumes@jjay.cuny.edu.

Qualification Requirements for Part-time CSA
1. English Proficiency: Candidates must be able to speak, read, write, and comprehend the english language well enough to meet the minimally acceptable performance standards set for job tasks.
2. United States Citizenship or Permanent Resident status.
3. High School Diploma or GED.
4. Valid New York State Security Guard License.
5. Candidates must meet physical, medical, and psychological requirements as defined in University Examination Standards. Candidates must pass a screen for drug usage. They may be required to demonstrate physical readiness for performing job tasks.
6. Candidates must also undergo a background check, including fingerprint screening.

Preferred Qualifications for Part-time CSA
1. Must be currently enrolled at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
2. Must be able to work four (4) days per week for a total of thirty-two (32) hours a week.
3. Must have a valid New York State identification, permit or driver’s license.
4. Must accept designation as “essential” personnel for the College, which entails being part of a skeletal staff that is expected to report to work on all scheduled shifts during emergencies and on those days when all college operations are suspended, in accordance with PPO NO 9/89.  Furthermore, candidate may be mandated to work additional shifts pursuant to the exigencies of the department.