Events 2010-2011

Events 2010-2011

Academic Year July 2010-June 2011

Stealing Trade Secrets in the Digital Age:
Prosecuting IP Theft Under the Economic Espionage Act

Speaker: Amin Kassam, Counsel
DeVore & DeMarco, LLP
Date: Wednesday, April 27

Cyber Criminals? Who are they? Why are they successful? How do we respond?
Speaker: Kim Peretti
Director, Forensic Services Practice
Former Senior Counsel, US Dept. of Justice
Date: Tuesday, March 29

Cyber Security: A NATO for Cyberspace
Speaker: Jonathan Zittrain
Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
Co-founder and Co-director, Berkman Institute for the Internet & Society
Date: Friday, March 11

NYC4SEC February Meeting
Data Breach Notification
Speaker: Boris Segalis, Partner InfoLaw Group
Date: February 16

NYC4SEC January Meeting
Lightgrep - Fast Keyword Searching for Forensics
Speaker: Jon Stewart , Lightbox Technologies, Inc.
Date: January 19

NYC 4 SEC Meeting
File Carving for Forensic Recovery
Speaker: Nasir Memon, Professor of Computer Science, NYU Polytechnic University
Date: November 17

Our Instrumented Lives: Sensors, Sensors, Everywhere...
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Speaker: Gregory Conti, Director, Information Technology and Operations Center, Academy Professor U.S. Military Academy, West Point
Date: November 8

NYC 4 SEC Meeting
Knock! Knock! How Attackers Use Social Engineering to Bypass Your Defenses
Speaker: Lenny Zeltser
Date: Wednesday, Oct. 27

Cybercrime in the UK
Sir Ian Blair, Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police (2005-2008), John Jay College Visiting Scholar
Date: Wednesday, Oct. 20

Cyber Fraud at Financial Institutions
Speaker: David Nelson, Cyber Fraud and Financial Crimes Section Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC)
Date: Wednesday, Oct. 6
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Computer Forensics at the Manhattan DA's Office
Speaker: Richard Brittson, Deputy Chief Investigator and Patricia O'Conner, Deputy Bureau Chief Cyber Crime and Identity Theft Bureau New York County District Attorney's Office
Date: Tuesday, Sept. 28

Criminological Theory to Account for Computer Hacking
Speaker: Tom Holt, Assistant Professor, School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University
Date: Tuesday, Sept. 13