Exploring Majors

Exploring Majors

Current Major Satisfied?  Exploring Majors

  Are you satisfied with your current major on file?
  If not, now is the time to select an area of study that you are genuinely
  excited about!


  • What majors does John Jay have to offer?

student--Review all of your major options and major requirements.

--Discover the many myths associated with deciding on a major.

--Check out the department websites that your major falls under. Many departments have lots of helpful resources for both students within the major and those considering a particular major.



  • I'm not sure what major I want.

--Consider what may be affecting your decision.

--Don't discount your general education courses. Did you excel in
a particular area? Did you thoroughly enjoy the readings/assignments?

--Consider what skills you are looking to develop and improve.

  • How should I fulfill my major requirements?

How should I fulfill my major requirements?--Meet with your major advisor.
Before your appointment, take some time to review your major including requirements and course descriptions and write down any questions or concerns that you may have.